before school starts/I leave for Italy

1. Take a trip to Target with Youngest.

2. Make Middle go to the library re the reading list.

3. Get my hair cut.

4. Get K's hair cut.

5. Write out boy's schedule/medical info/medical release/menus for Mom.

6. Food shop with Mom.

7. Plan Italian wardrobe.

8. Go to bookstore.

9. Do fall fashion post.

10. Do Survivor post.


Paula said…
I need you to do my wardrobe too.

You'll have time.

Badger said…
Crap! When does Survivor start? I haven't missed it, have I?
Anonymous said…
You're right.
You don't even need a sarong now.
And you probably won't find me here.
I might melt before you arrive.
Anonymous said…
Whee! I'm going there in the Spring. Can't wait to hear your full report.
#3 and #7, do them in Italy and come home looking fab!
tut-tut said…
Oh, no. Hope the hot southern U.S. heatwave hasn't moved over to Italy. Even so, you'll look lovely and have a wonderful time.
KPB said…
The thought of 'only sarongs' strikes the fear of God into me rather than any notion of a lovely holiday sunning myself on the Italian coast.
Alice said…
Love Target, waiting for fall fashion post... how will I know what to wear?