2:16 pm


A pocketful of stuff from South Africa.

treasure and tomatoes

Oldest gave me the boat. The tomato plants are very tall.


Living room ceiling.


Taste tests confirm that Utz's pretzel rods are not as good as Herr's.


From the yard.



hour glass

The hourglass I made K buy for me last August 29th.

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Middle's door.


Top of the armoire.

mop water

Mop water.

clean floor


jenny said…
I'm finding all things Utz are just plain blech.

Love your hourglass...
BabelBabe said…
i LOVE that bowl in the first pic. now i regret driving by those garage sales yesterday! I have a serious china fetish.

also, the JWs just rang the doorbell as I was getting in the shower, literally. i ignored them. YOU have brought this upon me! : )
Badger said…
That leaf-looking thing in the top picture? That kind of resembles my neck.
Susie Sunshine said…
There's such a you-ness about every single one of these pictures.
Joke said…
Y'know, if you deleted the pix but kept the text, you'd have some kinda poetry thing going on there.

Alice said…
love a clean floor, few things are better...

What cleaner do you use?
Saoirse said…
That is the CLEANEST mop water I've ever seen!
Sarah Louise said…
Love your pix. I need to start putting some up...
Anonymous said…
if any of the things that are on top of the armoire are ever for sell, let me know. I love them all!