Monday 6:03 pm -

I'm sitting on the lawn with a gin and tonic.
The funny old yankee who owns the house is puttering around fixing things.
Youngest is reading a magazine beside me and E is chatting about salad.
We've done the beach, we've done the town.
In two short days we've established routines.
Walk for a latte in the morning, discuss the plans for the day over pastry.
Hit the beach for low tide.
Back to the house for showers.
Town for amusement.
The lawn for drinks.
Inside for dinner.
Sit around and laugh.
Take turns walking a baby.
Give attention to a nephew.
Football on the lawn.
Guitars after dinner.
Lots of wine and cheese.
Fall into bed early.
Church bells in the distance.


Jennifer said…
Sounds like a lovely vacation :)
Shelly Kang said…
Ha! I'm not very awake yet, and for a second I thought you were having drinks at 6:03 in the morning! Your vacation sounds very nice.
Sinda said…
Your vacation sounds ideal. I know I'm supposed to live in the moment, and I do treasure the ages of my small girls, but boy-oh-boy I can't wait for them to be old enough for this kind of vacation. You have a lovely family.
jenny said…
i can't even believe we're in the same STATE - it sounds like you're in another, way more perfect, universe.
Anonymous said…
This sounds like a Carly Simon song, about a summer at the beach, and closing up the beach house, I think it's called "We Just Got Here." Taking down screens, putting up storms, one last sweep of the sand on the floors...

And the odd quiet that falls over beach towns after Labor Day, 2/3 of the populace leaving.

It's a good song, but a little sad. It's always sad to go.

But you're "writing" a better song, since you really did just get there, and you have lovely sunburned sandy days ahead of you.

Enjoy, bb!
TheOneTrueSue said…
How wonderful.
Anonymous said…
Sounds just about right.
Thank you for the G&T, a much needed one. Although I admit I'd be very happy just with a latte!
MsCellania said…
Ah, smooch that new nephew often.
Enjoy every minute of your special time in Wellfleet. I love that the owner if futzing with the place. Making sure you are deserving tenants on the sly - but keeping the place sharp, too.
We are still roasting here. But 4 July promises to be cooler.
Anonymous said…
I too had to recheck the time on that post just to be sure you weren't drinking @ 6am. "Gin and tonics -- they're not just for breakfast any more!"

What a lovely vacation for all concerned.
Alice said…
Sounds like the perfect vaca... now how can I (oh and you too) do this all the time?
Alice said…
oh, and what is wrong with gin and tonics at 6am??
savvycityfarmer said…
Martha's Vineyard????