torn between two lovers

That's the song that came on at Walgreen's while Wendy and Susie waited for my to pay for stuff.
I started singing it to them and the cashier told me to keep my day job.

Where was I?
I think I got up to Sunday night in my last post.
We dressed for cocktails and made our laborious way to the venue.
It was Venetian Night in Chicago and the streets were swarming.
After a cab ride from HELL we made it to the Children's Museum, where the party was.

Packed, but not quite as loud as some other events, I made a great effort to approach bloggers I admire and was delighted to meet the women I did.
And I think I was able to chat with everyone I wanted to talk to.
We each made our final efforts to network and pass cards around and drink and relax.

Outside, the city was CRAZY.
Hundreds of people crowded onto the Navy Pier to watch fireworks, but Susie, Wendy and I were happy to walk through the cool night air to find a taxi home.


Poppy and her adorable husband as well as her brother, HENRY, arrived shortly after we got there.
HENRY is a wicked pissah and I love him.

We drank and laughed and HENRY and A left and we stayed up good and late.

smoking lounge

Some of us smoked in the smoking area just beneath the air intake for the AC.

Our intent, when we went to bed, was to leave Poppy in the morning and take in a museum and have brunch.
But I couldn't go.
I wasn't ready to leave.
I suggested ordering in breakfast and it was a brilliant idea.
Breakfast in the penthouse means...

champagne on tap

cool champagne, bagels and lox, and even more hysterical laughing.
I stayed until graciously offered a ride to the airport.

I am completely smitten by the women I stayed with.
They are fascinating, funny, and brilliant.
Susie is a joy, Wendy is a doll and I cannot possibly do justice to Poppy -
I'd have to write an entire post.
Actually, SHE needs to do a post of bon mots and helpful tips - she's full of them.

Poppy's helpful hints


MizMell said…
Sounds like a marvelous time! Love the photos...
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us.
Poppy Buxom said…
"Baking Soda! It's an exfoliator! It's dishwashing powder! It's BOTH!"
Anonymous said…
It's a toothpaste!!
Unknown said…
This isn't really about your current update. I just discovered your blog - things are slooow at work.. I read an archived update about joining things (book club, some other things) and boy could I relate. I used to live in Chicago (Elmhurst) two sisters are there. I am going to Lolapalooza next week. I think I need to move back. Your blog and your friends make me miss it terribly.
Caterina said…
Sounds like an awesome time. Curious as to why there were fireworks? Anything special?
Anonymous said…
Venetian Night!
That's the why of the fireworks...
It's a gorgeous night full of light and celebration and boats on the great Lake Michigan.

We were there, but out on the water~~too bad I missed you.
I swear I would have known you if I'd seen you!

Glad you enjoyed yourself!

Alice said…
brilliant trip
brilliant recap
brilliant ladies all around
Suse said…
I am so envious I'm practically crying.

(Did you meet the Pudding?)