Time? Yes. Money? No. Real? WE'LL SEE.*

Just so you know -
I've had everyone I'm meeting at Blogher agree to not photograph me.
So, don't bother getting your hopes up.

Middle sees the oral surgeon today and reports that he has removed a couple of stitches with the tiny pliers on his Swiss Army knife.

Youngest saw the pulmonary specialist yesterday and has had his steroid dosage cut in half.
I am nervous about this and hoping he doesn't do poorly when I am ready to leave town. But that's just me as she says it will take between one week and two for his body to adjust.
She has a new test that will measure the nitrogen he exhales and can determine when he might be heading towards an attack. Plus she gave us TWO of his Pulmacort inhalers which have a co-pay of nearly $100. I'm liking her more and more all the time.

My mother and Youngest made my birthday cake - the infamous chocolate wafer/whipped cream icebox cake, and this year Youngest built it in the shape of a fish.

cake in the shape of a fish

When lit with its special curly candles it was very bright.

very bright cake

I was forced to make odd hand gestures in appreciation.

take this hammer

Leadbelly is some good stuff. Especially on a Victrola.

hide his face

Youngest upon my approach with a camera.

He's busy eating up his second giant vampire novel.

second book

Outside, the garden is going like gangbusters (I have no idea what that means)


as are the window boxes.

window box

<span class=

I am anxious to see what those tall plants are. I stuck some seeds in there during the spring and don't remember what they were.

Meanwhile, a hungry looking rabbit has been hanging around the front step.

evil rabbit

The dog, a beagle, does not seem to care.
If Mr. Rabbit tries to eat my slow growing pumpkin I am tying the dog to the front porch.


Fine! I'm kidding!
But I might sprinkle the leaves with black pepper...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "did it/need it/hate it":

You have entirely too much time and money on your hands for me to comprehend that you are even a real human being.


KPB said…
Considering your punctuation, spelling and language use is so much better than my own, I feel weird doing this, but it's simply "going gangbusters" (no 'like') and it has similar connotations to going like the clappers.
Susie Sunshine said…
Wait! I speak Anonymous!
What he/she/it is actually saying is that they think you are super groovy and they'd like to buy you a drink at Blogher.
(You can see the confusion the Anonymous language creates and understand the high rate of ass-kickings the Anonymous people suffer because of it.)
Christy said…
I'm intrigued by your cake. It looks like a bunch of cookies slathered in whipped cream - which sounds both ridiculous and delicious.
Jennifer said…
The cake looks scrumptious! Youngest will be fine.

When I had my teeth out, I too pulled my own stitches out. Couldn't stand them in there.

Your garden and window boxes.... WOW

as for Anonymous. I giggled. And loved Susie Sunshines comment :)
TheOneTrueSue said…
The stitches - OW! That's a mighty bright fire!

Anonymous, speaking of having too much time on your hands...
Badger said…
I want some of that cake.
MsCellania said…
I speak Much Much Much better Anonymous than Susie Sunshine. As I am Older and therefore more wise.
And um, have more time and money and reality, therefore.
What Anonymous is saying is "I Am So Envious I Can't Stand Myself."
And "May I Buy You A Drink At Blogher and bask in your wonderfulness?"

bb, I certainly hope you have assigned the window box and garden watering tasks to a very diligent soul. Your cake looked devine. Hope K cooked you a nice dinner, too.
Paula said…
I hereby nominate Anonymous for the Poor Form and Get Your Head Out Of Your Ass awards.
Anonymous said…
Well, i can hardly wait to meet you. As tempting as it may be i will not photograph you.

Summer is usually a good time for us to fiddle with asthma medications.

I make that cake all the time. My kids love it.
TSintheC said…
I'm okay with the no pictures, but someone needs to draw a picture. Susie? take your crayons.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous haters mean that you have reached a level of esteem. All good bloggers have them.
MizMell said…
Have fun at Blogher... and don't forget the hat and over-sized sunglasses for the paparazzi!
Saoirse said…
"Anonymous" is an arse! (that's old-perosn Irish for you know what)
Another interpretation of the Anonymous language: "I am a miserable human being and need to share that misery with others." Seriously, why leave a nasty comment? Or, even read a blog that you don't agree with.

Oh well, I heart your blog and enjoy it regularly. I hope you have a great time at BlogHer. I left a comment on Poppy's blog suggesting that she put chocolates on your pillows every night and all that stuff.
Anonymous said…
I think the tall plants in your lovely window boxes are zinnias. Mine are going gang busters!
Anonymous said…
I am with Mscellania re the anon.
I'm sorry for her, becaus eit's definitely a her.
I am in shock about teh stitcehs removal with Swiss Army knife...wow...scary. Middle must be a real tough guy.
I am afraid that someone will be sneaking pics at Blogher. You are too tempting adn there are so many people who want to out you.
Anonymous said…
I hope you succeed in your plan to remain un-outed at Blogher. Maybe you should wear a burka? One of those ones with the little latticework peek-a-boo thingy?

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for youngest and the lower dosage! Halving it seems like a pretty sudden decision. We here are inching our way down by tiny baby steps, but then we here are not young and adaptable!

Oh and the self-removal of stitches -- yup.
Anonymous said…
Did K build the window boxes? They are lurvly. I'm after S. to build one for the front window. Yours are very bounteous.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous is a real human being? Who knew!!

My sister the RN took out the staples from her own C-section and I worked with an RN who could draw her own blood samples!

More lovely goodness from the Pottery Barn. Bamboo Cotton Throws are the softest thing I have ever touched. I may have to use my employee discount!
alice c said…
I think that it must be the wrong time of the month for Anon. Nothing else coud explain such a creepy little comment.
I think that the only way to avoid being outed at Blogher is to go back through your posts and pick out the items of clothing that you have been rudest about - and wear those very same things. Then everybody will walk straight past you because they know your immaculate taste.
KPB said…
That is one blazing cake made even more compelling by the fact it is infamous - sounds to me like it goes off like a frog in a sock.

And who is this anonymous person!?! Someone leaving hate mail for our beloved Blackbird. Let us at 'em, let us at 'em.

That bunny is CUTE. The fact the beagle does nothing about it simply confirms all my beliefs about dogs being dumb, lazy and complete irritants on the boil on the butt of humanity.
Suse said…
Happy birthday dear one!
BabelBabe said…
christy - it IS just chcoolate cookies slathered in whipped cream and it's yummy as all get out.

and bbird, this is the time to reveal to the masses, i suppose, that having met you, I can tell them that you are a hologram. (and everyone knows holograms don't have kidneys. darn it)
Geggie said…
I've been remiss in commenting lately. HBD and poo on anon (anan doesn't even warrent a capital A). Leadbelly was born in my home town, a whole lot a Leadbelly going on in Northern La.
Alice said…
You aren't JUST a real person, you are super women... duh.
Anonymous said…
WAH! I always miss all the fun. Stupid beach vacation with no wireless internet.

Happy birthday, and happy traveling to Blogher. Can't wait to hear about your adventures.
AMY said…
I looked up "like gangbusters" because i thought I knew what it meant, but here is what an online dictionary said: with great speed, intensity, vigor, impact, or success: The software market was growing like gangbusters. The hockey team came on at the beginning of the season like gangbusters.