surf report

We got up early.
It was cold.
The wind was blowing.
The waves were choppy.
W was freezing.
We were all tired.

They did a bit of surfing and then we headed back to the car.
It was difficult to catch waves I am told.

I fell asleep on the way home and woke up as we parked at the deli.
We got egg sandwiches and hot coffee - Earl Grey for me.

I took a long nap.

The kitchen is clean but my bedroom is a disaster.
Lots of ironing to be done and outfits to plan.
Middle went to town with his girlfriend.
Oldest is working in the garage.
K is playing guitar, Youngest is reading his book.

Yesterday I repaired my Tibetan prayer beads and my Indian prayer beads.
I'm ready for my flight.


tut-tut said…
Can't wait to hear all about Blogher--and see lots of pictures (blog formatted for mystery's sake, though they may be) . . .
Anonymous said…
Have a wonderful time, bb~~
and say hello to the city for me.
It's my kind of town... and I won't see it 'till December.

Anonymous said…
Planes hardly ever crash.
Poppy Buxom said…
In case you're wondering, we have an ironing board. And an iron. And even a can of spray starch, I think.
In spite of the cold, spending the day by the water sounds wonderful to me!
Anonymous said…
What a difference. We all (3 of us) went by boat yesterday as we can all do only on Sunday and the weather/water was SO warm I did not get out of it for 3 hours, straight. Not joking. I only realized it when I got out and checked what time it
Paula said…
I wish I was going with you...