Margalit has bestowed upon me a Blogging Community Involvement Award because I have The Power Of Schmooze.
I'm fuzzy on the details, but I get what she means. And I certainly can talk to anyone anywhere (watch, at Blogher I'll be shy and mute) so I do know I have the gift of being able to schmooze.
Anyway, Margalit wrote lovely things about me and I do so appreciate being recognized.
For anything, really.

The next step is me nominating 5 others - they need to be bloggers who "effortlessly weave their way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way. They don’t limit their visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well. They are the ones who engage others in meaningful conversations, refusing to let it end at a mere hello - all the while fostering a sense of closeness and friendship."
That's a mouthful, hmm?
I think I get it...and I think I have some people to mention-

Two Alices:
Alice C who is taking very nice photos and writing in spare sentences and leaving wonderful comments here, and Alice in CT who helps me remember my college days and is working hard to get around the blogosphere and make friends.

Heather should be recognized I reckon. I like her and the details of why I'm nominating these people is beginning to elude me completely. She's sweet and funny and friendly - that should be reason enough. I'm ready for her to come home now.

Paula has become a special internet friend and I see her commenting in other places too -
she's talented and warm and wonderful.

I need to say something about RW. RW's gentle voice has touched me in ways she cannot possibly know. She and I see some things the same way. It's hard to describe. I don't know if she has "schmooze" but I know she has grace.

And what about Schmutzie? Can I nominate her? There - I have. I love her blog, and I have a girl crush on her self.

Finally tut-tut whose tiny voice is blending its way through the blogs I read.

So, there you are. I've gone over the limit and have fulfilled my obligations.

We have resettled at home where much awaits us.
Some of us are vacuuming, others are lazing.

The highlight of this week is Middle's oral surgery on Thursday. He will have all four of his wisdom teeth, which are still well below the gum line, extracted. The dentist says he will need a full week to recover - but, with Middle being Middle, I suspect he will need a couple of days.
I asked him, the other day, how he thought he'd do.
I was wondering if I'd need K to help me get him home as he is having anesthesia.
Middle said: I'm thinking it won't hurt much. I mean, remember that time four of my fingers got shut tight in the car door? That kinda hurt a I'm not really worried about it.

That's my Middle.


tut-tut said…
Well, my stars and garters, as my grandmother used to say. Thank you for your kind words.

Oral surgery; something we've been debated for L, but the retainers keep those teeth from moving, so I don't know. Prayers going out for Middle.
Katy said…
something that they don't mention to parents but should about their kids having anesthesia for wisdom teeth:
Girls Cry, Boys Laugh

This is apparently just how it works, making all of us a pain to get home, but in totally different ways.

Good luck with oral surgery to Middle!
MsCellania said…
Congratulations on your award!
Tell Middle that I had dental surgery (they knocked me out with sodium pentathol) at age 21 and got all 4 out at once. 2 were impacted and had to be broken out. I woke up mid-surgery and gave my very slight oral surgeon a wrestling match, with him screaming "DEBBIE! DEBBIE!" for his 2nd assistant. I forgot to tell them I was a weight-lifter (heh heh heh) Anyway, he then knocked me out for a good extra hour. I had alot of stitches in the 2 doozy teeth, and was told it would take me 'days to heal' and was given a prescription for painkillers, which my father decided I didn't need >:(
We drove to my parents, where my mother had a bedroom all ready for me to recuperate. On my way through the house, I noticed that mom had a nice lunch laid out -- and I sat down and promptly wolfed down soup and a sandwich! And never did end up laying down, although I did take the time off from work and read and lazed around. I don't remember that much pain; just some swelling which I used an ice-pack on as my parents insisted that was 'better than drugs'.
I walked to the car under my own steam (with my 9 year old sister complaining that I looked stoopid the entire time, since my mouth was packed with dental gauze and hanging open and I think I may have also been drooling) so maybe leave youngest at home! Bring a pillow for him to relax in the car and maybe some ice packs.
Paula said…
If I had know I was going to win an award I would have prepared something to say...

You are too sweet and I am happy we are friends. And happy you are home!

When Little Dale had his wisdom teeth out(all 4 impacted) it took both Dale and I to get him in the car, but his recovery was only 3 days or so.

Good luck on Thursday, I'll be thinking of you both.
jenny said…
I had decent luck with my wisdom teeth...will cross my fingers that Middle has the same.
Unknown said…
I'm hoping that middle doesn't have anywhere near my wisdom teeth tragedy. I was supposed to have mine out in my early 20's, but I think I just hoped they would disappear because I waited until I was 32. I know, dumb. By that time they were so impacted they were growing into my jaw bone, so I had to have them out at Mass Gen under general. It took more than 4 hours of surgery, and when I got out, they had broken my jaw, which was wired back.

I had the worst swelling. My head was about 7 inches fatter on the bottom than on the top, plus my entire lower face was one huge bruise. I didn't leave the house for weeks.

Because, as I've mentioned before, I'm an idiot!
Elan Morgan said…
You're sweet to mention me!

Your winning of this award if perfect. It was made for you. You wend your way through websites as though it were a swimming cocktail party.
Geggie said…
Congrats on the award. I'm looking forward to reading your choices, too. Ugh, I remember getting my wisdom teeth out at 16, it was horrible. Better luck to Middle.
David said…
A friend of mine recommended this when I had my wisdom teeth removed and I sweat it worked like a charm - even if it is kind of odd.

The night before, wet some feminine pads in water and then stick them in the freezer. When Middle gets back from the surgery, they are the best ice packs - they are cold, but are also soft, plus they can be molded perfectly to the side of the face.

Not sure if he'll be okay with it, but I ended up not taking any of the pain meds 'cause the ice helped the swelling...

Good luck.
MsCellania said…
You can go one step further with David's idea and use a SANITARY BELT to hold those puppies on his face! No kid around has ever seen or heard of such a thing - just tell him it's a dental face wrap.

Man, some days I LOVE being over 50 and just making a complete fool of myself. I am laughing myself into a frenzy over the sanitary pads/belt thing.
But it truly would work, ya know...
TheOneTrueSue said…
Having my wisdom teeth out was the worst pain I've ever felt in my life, including two kidney stones and three c-sections. On the other hand, my husband said his experience was almost totally painless. I'm hoping for the latter for poor Middle. I hope it goes well!
alice c said…
You are so generous with your time and so supportive of new blogs that you should have an award all to yourself. You pull together all these wonderful people with interesting things to say and keep the party going. Blogland would be so BORING without you.
Thank you so much for your kind words - I am just honoured to be mentioned on say la vee.
Kelly said…
Congrats on your win!
Anonymous said…
I'll be thinking of Middle, knowing he's in good hands and will do fine.

Badger said…
Ack! Sending good thoughts for Middle. My wisdom teeth extraction was no big and I am a HUGE wimp, which it sounds like he isn't, so I'm sure everything will be fine.

It's hard to come back from the beach, innit?
Caterina said…
Congrats! I'd have to do happily making new friends along the way :)

G'luck to Middle.
RW said…
Thanks for lovely words.

I quite enjoy your blog and "meeting" all those who comment here.

I will be thinking of you and Middle on Thursday. I had mine removed in my 20's but I only had three.
Alice said…
well aren't you sweet. oh, and I AM trying hard (despite my lack of posting the last week)...

Oh, of note. FLUSH Middle's painkillers after he uses them, I got into a bit of trouble with that whole thing...
Heather said…
awww, thanks bb!
on the wisdom teeth ... there may be pain, but the incredible bruising he's likely to suffer will more than compensate for any discomfort.