Too tired for words.


Check the shoes.
Everyone at the cocktail party, looking fine.
Relaxing and chatting.

baby and pattern

Several babies in attendance.
Brand new, crawling, slung, twirled on the terrace.

bad swag 2

Crappy swag. (Not the beer.)
We saw these ditched all over the place.
If Chicago recycles (I don't know) there are about to process a ton of these.

empty apartment

See the empty apartment?
We've been contemplating it, and yesterday we saw a couple measuring it and hugging.
New owners.
A collective sigh was heard here at Poppy's.


Wendy made this for me.
I am over the moon.


Poppy has exquisite hands.
Her eyebrows look pretty good too.

presenting cheese

Last night she presented the cheese.


I brought the travel set of salt.

apart dark

I attended the session on review writing - I have nothing valuable to report.
The cocktails on the roof were nice.
We had Thai food delivered and laughed and ate and stumbled off to bed.

Blowing off the morning, we're gonna see the bean.


Joke said…
Poppy's hands are almost unnaturally dainty.

Anonymous said…
The couple's scene must have been witnessed the first steps towards a life together.
Mmmmmh....Thai're killing me.
Anonymous said…
When you get home, would you please elaborate on the salt?

-Sharon (blogger won't cooperate for me to sign in)
Anonymous said…
This has nothing to do with Blogher. But I thought you might like this beautiful site.

I love yr blog.
Anonymous said…
I DO! love the Bean, but why do we call it the Bean. so silly! Be sure to cross into the park to dip your feet in the spring off the wood decks they have!

long time reader, and occasional anonymous commenter, 20 yr Chi-area resident
piper said…
your blog is lovely, and also the shoes you mention...I've got a pair! love'em!

Love the photos and accompanying commentary.

Is that Poppy wearing a scarf and, you know, accessorized? Makes me think I should go put on some lipstick or something.
Caterina said…
I would love to know about the salts too! Actually, I NEED to know where you got the salts. I WANT THOSE SALTS