My surf trunks.
My tankini top.
Three outfits suitable for cocktail gatherings.
Seven pairs of shoes.
Four pairs of capri pants.
Three linen tops.
Zero asthma equipment.
12 kinds of salt.

I'm traveling on a flight that continues to China.
I'm guessing I am the only Tuvaluan on a huge plane-load of Chinese people.


tut-tut said…
That last item . . . so enigmatic.
BabelBabe said…
only 7 pairs of shoes? how ever will you manage?
Angela said…
I hope you left your MSG behind...
Anonymous said…
I don't get it, why the salt?
Alice said…
Sounds like you're ready to go!
Have fun!

Learn Chinese on the way there...
Anonymous said…
Zero asthma equipment = Optimist.

Rock on, bb!