I slept terribly last night.
I was dreaming that I was renting a room from a drug addict.
I was woken by Middle upon his return from the movies (that's the rule).
And then I couldn't go back to sleep.
How will Middle fare today?
Did my parent's home in Oklahoma have a foyer with a table?
When is that party that Youngest is attending?

I drove myself crazy.

Last night, when I drove Middle to the movies he said:
I'm not feeling good about this...I've never had stitches or an IV or anesthesia.
Do you have to sign something that says you understand that I could die during the procedure?
Is that true?
They make you sign a bunch of stuff, right?

To which I replied:
I'm pretty sure they make you sign something that says the risks of general anesthesia have been explained to you and that you promise you'll pay for the treatment and that the oral surgeon has permission to speak with your primary dentist.

Well, I'm not looking forward to it, were his final words on the subject. He bounded out of the car smiling and was laughing when he woke me last night (by turning on the bedroom light and staring at me).

He's hard to parent in situations like this.
I'll want to be holding his hand or hovering over him and he won't have it.
I put fresh linens on his bed, recycled the 38 bottles and cans from his room and vacuumed.

His brother picked out a new video game for him.

I told his girlfriend I'll pick her up and bring her here to see him.

I'll stock the fridge with jello and the freezer with sorbet.

And I'll probably hold his hand. Even if he doesn't like it.

teeth 3


Anonymous said…
He will want his teeth, for sure!

Just be there in the recovery room, because when he opens his eyes, high as a kite, he'll probably want to see your smile and feel your hand on his shoulder, even if he can't admit that right now.

He'll have quite a gory looking mouth, so warn the girlfriend that his smile will be bloody most of the day. He probably won't be able to stay conscious for long and will fade in and out, as well... and say wacky things!

I went through this with mine a year ago...
Carol said…
I had three impacted way back when. I woke up groggy, but still remember my mom being right there in recovery. Warning: when I got home (about a 2 mile drive) I had to run to the closest bathroom and throw up. Also, warning #2, after about a day - I got a black eye on the side that had two teeth removed.

All in all - this should be a good time.
Anonymous said…
No scary stories from me.
I don't have any, and if I did, you don't need to hear them.

This too shall pass.
This too shall pass.

Repeat often.
tut-tut said…
Oh; it is just one step at a time; then it will be over and behind you all. And he won't have to go through it again. My thoughts are with you and Middle today.
MsCellania said…
Well, those teeth certainly HAVE to go.
I hope he does very, very well, and that your next post is "He's fine and sleeping snug as a bug at home."
Big hugs to you, Mama.
jenny said…
he should definitely ask for the teeth - although the thought of seeing them in a jar in his room kind of gives me the willies.

Will be thinking of you guys today.
Paula said…
He'll be glad you're holding his hand and all will be well.

Thinking of you both and keeping you near today...
robiewankenobie said…
it is hard to parent in situations where you have no control. the thing that makes you awesome, is that you parent differently for each of your kids, and you're pretty damn selfless about it. it be so much easier if you could hover, wouldn't it?

play it by ear, you'll do fine. and so will he.
Alice said…
When I was going under I mentioned to the both the doctor and my mother that I wanted some of these relaxation pills all the time...
Anesthesia, best kind of drug.
Let him look at it that way, it's a bit less scary!
Sinda said…
I will be sending good thoughts your way.
Badger said…
He's going to be okay. I'm psychic, ya know.

Lots of Rescue Remedy. For you, not him. Give him arnica.

And some coffea cruda for you before you go to sleep tonight.

And a couple glasses of wine. That would be good too.
Anonymous said…

He'll be fine. He may look like a Halloween pumpkin for a while, but otherwise, fine.

You, on the other hand, will need a vat of that cheap wine. And a nap. Pretty much in that order.
RW said…
I wish you an uneventful day and a routine extraction of the wisdom teeth.

Anonymous said…
I'll be waiting to hear how everything went fine.

TheOneTrueSue said…
Good luck Middle!
alice c said…
OK - a message from my son to Middle. "Make sure the tooth fairy pays up for this one. You get extra if they get taken out at the dentist. Focus on your long term spending plans and negotiate a good deal. Oh, and remember that chicks love guys who have war wounds."

And good luck to bb - make sure that you are safe to drive him home - I always feel a bit freaked out in that sort of situation and hope that nobody drives too close.
Heather said…
You've got your supplies in the freezer, right?
thinking of you both.
Anonymous said…
I hope it's over by now and you're all resting comfortably at home.

We're thinking of you.

This reminds me of a bizarre movie called Toothless starring Kirsty Ally who is a dentist who dies and becomes the Tooth Fairy while she's in limbo. Kids can see her, but when they lose their last tooth, they can't see her any more. I don't know whether or not to recommend it. It's kind of strange.
Unknown said…
Tell middle that I'm praying the tooth fairy is going to be very very generous (ahem) because those bottom two wisdom teeth... wowza! He's going to be fine. Loopy on the pain killers, all he'll want to do is lay on the sofa and have someone read to him. Even watching TV will be hard, so clear your throats and pick out a good book.
Terri said…
Be glad your not my mother!
As a young girl and teenager I had to have several surgeries and was never quite sure I'd live through them. (drama is my middle name) Then came the time when I went to the movies (and I am dating myself here) and saw Coma the night before an operation! Oh! My hysterical sobs coming from pre-op the next day, must have been terrifying to all the other patients! I think my mom just hid in the waiting room and denied all knowledge of me! LOL
Glad your boy is doing better!
God bless.