My pal Paula tagged me for this.
I love being tagged.

The rules:

Each participant posts eight facts about themselves. Taggees should write a blog post of eight random facts about themselves. At the end of the post eight more bloggers are tagged. Go to their blogs. Leave a comment telling them they're tagged.

How can it be possible that there are 8 things I haven't written about myself?

1. Presently, I am enamoured of this. My dad was a great fan of war movies and quoted many of them on a daily basis. I've mentioned that Middle is fond of WWII history and, somehow, genetically, he has inherited the love of old films concerning it. This speech is fabulous.

2. In many public situations I begin to imagine what horror could befall me. For example: in the underground train station I suspect every bag or parcel could be a bomb.

3. I put lotion on my feet every night. I don't even wash my face every night - but the lotion on the feet has become an important ritual.

4. I do not wear jeans. I do not find them flattering or comfortable in the slightest. Someday, when I am older, I will give up wearing some other things. I rarely wear a belt either - even though most of my pants fall down.

5. I have never owned any orange clothing. Aside from the fact that orange would not be good with my skin tone, orange gives me the willies. Orange is best used for safety clothes.

6. I cannot watch John From Cincinatti. Or Big Love. Or Entourage. I know they are all very trendy shows, that all the cool kids watch them, but I just cannot get interested in them. I'm giving Flight Of The Conchords a chance but only because of the accents.

7. After the candles have burned down, I don't like disposing of the jars they come in. I have a bunch of them now. I'll probably recycle them sometime soon.

8. I'm not a Royal Doulton kind of girl.

I'll tell you if you're tagged.


Alice said…
what's Royal Doulton? I'm sure nothing good, if you don't like it, neither do I!
jenny said…
I googled royal doulton and saw some flowery plates so apparently i am not a royal doulton girl either.

However, I am loving Big Love and Weeds and even some Entourage.

Let me know what you do with your candle jars...I ditch mine but it's always seemed like such a waste.
TheOneTrueSue said…
Reddish orange makes me angry.
Badger said…
Well Entourage sucks, so you're not missing anything there.
Caterina said…
HA! I just did this....eight things meme, ha!

Waterford, Lenox, even my newest buy of Noritake is OK with me. Some Doulton isn't all that bad.

#2 I find interesting, especially 'cause I do that too.
Anonymous said…
I am wearing an orange skirt today!
And you don't look like a Royal Doulton girl, I could have probably come up wiht that by myself, you know.
When you meet my parents, don't mention WWII. They were in it, as children, and let's say they are not fans.
RW said…
No orange clothing.

My favourite of chucks are orange lowcuts.

I am not a Royal D person either... but I do own some - they are packed away. I have moved twice and they are still in the box.

Do you always use the same lotion?
Paula said…
I LOVE jeans.

My favorite pant.

But right now? I'm in love with flirty skirts.
Anonymous said…
Jeans are all there is.
I don't remember what I wore before I got my first pair of jeans at a tack shop, which is the only place they sold them Back in the Dark Ages.

I remember the size.

Levis (mens 501's) size 26W 29L.

I would hate me if I met that me, now.

26 waist!