mail call


Received today:

Bra Smyth
Free People
Disc Makers
Charleston Gardens

Herewith, I will endeavor to choose an item I love and an item I despise from each.
This may not be easy, but for you I'll do it.

Bra Smyth - in my head, this is Bra S-m-long I- th. Bra Sm-eye-th. Got it?
Okay, so I know that this place carries my Chantilly bras, so I'll take one of them. It occurred to me that I may only be a 32 D in Chantilly bras and not anywhere else. But it could be wishful thinking. It is interesting that this catalogue seems to be for the larger end of the normal bra sizes as 32 D is not an easy size to find. They say they carry up to cup size H. I'm glad they don't have photos of any of them.
ANYWAY the thing I would be least likely to purchase would be this:

<span class=

Autrepeau. Innerwear for your outerwear! It's the 'other skin' that takes the edge off irritating outergarments and protects your clothes so that you dry clean less. Pieces are unlined.
There is just so much wrong with this concept that I don't know where to begin. As I don't have my outerwear (and I assume that means clothing and not coats which is what I call outerwear) dry cleaned, I don't need $100 worth of clothing to wear UNDER MY CLOTHING. As for not being LINED, well thank god.

Moving on to Masseys.
I bought one damn pair of shoes for my MIL from this place. She needed a certain sneaker for a foot problem she had at the time (four years ago) and this place had them. I was a hero for ten minutes and will never be able to live it down with the Masseys people. I get several catalogues a year and this post will be my inspiration to call and cancel them.
It's awful stuff that spans generations...


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and I wear some shoes that could be considered awful stuff - so I guess this just isn't my taste in awful stuff.
Fortunately, they carry Crocs - my own particular kind of hideous shoe. I'd like a pair for the winter.
I'll take these.

<span class=

Next, the Free People catalogue - which is entirely too young for me but which I like nonetheless. Free People is an arm of the Anthropologie conglomerate which I am disenchanted with more and more. For a variety of reasons.

I'd buy this tunic/blouse/top thing -


which I would not wear as a dress, if I don't look busty and pregnant in it. Hard to tell.

I would NOT buy these:


Pixie pointelle tights. If one does not have model-thin legs, patterns on tights are not a good combo.

Moving forward to Patagonia. Patagonia is old-school green you know. Patagonia was recycling plastic bottles and making them into polar fleece jackets before you knew what a polar fleece jacket WAS. And Patagonia isn't everyman's outdoor wear, Patagonia is the Chanel of the outdoor clothing world. A very earth minded Chanel.
I hope you're getting this because I'm not doing a very good job explaining it.
My brothers wear a lot of Patagonia - B wears it because it is his total lifestyle.
He hikes, kayaks, rides his bike to work, teaches wilderness training courses...
L wears it because it is the zenith of high tech outdoor wear - exquisitely made, earth friendly and very cool looking.
AND so - from this selection of Late Summer stuff, with the very cute old guy on the cover -

Fred <span class=

(Eric Draper's photo of Fred Beckey "having the time of his life.")

I'd choose this dress which has nothing to do with the outdoors at all. Because I don't wear sporting clothing -

<span class=

It appears to be a flattering proper dress. Not a tunic. Not a mini. Just a dress.
But, I should mention, because Patagonia is a hippie company, that the colors in real life might be slightly garish. It's hard to tell here.

My reject from this one -

<span class=

I don't really feel like living through the wardrobes of the 1970's.
This skirt just hurts me. I think I had something like it once and it itched.

This is getting long winded, eh?

I know!
I'll do the other five catalogue choices tomorrow...


tut-tut said…
Bra Smyth? That's a new one to me. I try to gather up all these catalogs and place them in the green bin for mixed paper recycling . . .
Unknown said…
I like the Patagonia dress! Very cute!!

I'm thankful I don't get Massey's--Yikes!

I do get Bra Smyth--among millions of other catalogs--all of which I usually put right into the recycled mail, because I cannot currently afford any of their oh-so-pretty underthings.

Still, I wouldn't spend $100 on that under-outwear thingie, even if I had $100!!
Anonymous said…
Crocs has a catalog? Hmmm. I quite like your choice for winter, might need some myself.
Anonymous said…
Thanks. That was fun.

I choose the shoe named Lunar as the least likely think I would ever wear (I'm wearing beige crocs right now).
Anonymous said…
Crocs are evil.

Lacy tights with a parka? That's just silly. I mean, where are we? Sundance?

The plaid skirt looks very much like something my high school homeroom teacher would have worn.
Saoirse said…
well, THAT was fun! And now you've led me to incerase my current out of control catalog acquisition process!
KPB said…
It's so hard to choose between the 'Pounce' and the 'Rummble'.
TheOneTrueSue said…
I definitely had that skirt. In several different shades of plaid. Yikes.
Alice said…
I just got one from Free People too, however didn't rush to open it, maybe it's the disenchantment problem...