mail call part duh

Photoblogging on a Sunday.
You lucky lucky people.

This is a continuation of yesterday's post in which I chose one thing I would purchase and one thing I wouldn't be caught dead with from my stack of catalogues.
I'm through the clothing catalogues and on to home decor -

CB2 - the groovy younger cousin of Crate and Barrel, this place is all wrong for me. While I appreciate some of the design aesthetic, much of it looks cheap to me - and dated. It seems to scream 2007 which, to my mind, means I wouldn't invest in a room full of furniture. What would you do with it all in 2012, just before the Mayan calendar ends?

I think I'd choose these vases -

<span class=

the big one is two feet tall. I'd like to see what a one foot tall flower looks like in it.

What would I choose to avoid?

<span class=

This bed.
The color, the linens, the stupid not-tall-enough posts. I just saved $500.

Next, the Target college catalogue, which totally annoys me.
I'm hoping it's because I'm a little too old to be thinking about what I want for my dorm room. I do like some of the shots in it - I just can't find much I want. For my dorm room.






Still with me?
We move to the Charleston Gardens Home And Garden Collection.
I will spare you my rant on patio furniture. No, we haven't bought any.
This catalogue features lots and lots of patio furniture in the same price range as a small car. Statuary is also featured, as well as adorable place settings to um, place on your patio furniture. Enamelware that is more costly then my dinnerware.
So -
I'd like a new porch swing please.


I'd like to hit this with a croquet mallet, please.


Forward to Rejuvenation. Do you know this one? It's lighting and house parts and it's a wonderful source for period details. I'm not into period details especially - though I DO appreciate them in the same way that I appreciate that our door hinges are the wrong color. Will I do anything about it? Perhaps not.

In our first apartment, which was very grand but which we were totally too young to appreciate, our bathroom looked like this. Sort of.


We had those bakelite fixtures. I never liked them.
You can order these. At $64 each they are a steal.

I, however, would very much like new doorknobs for our house. The original brass ones are falling apart one by one and it is upsetting to me that some of them have been replaced with gold metal cheap versions. So I need nine of these.


At $94 each I will also need a winning lottery ticket.

The last catalogue I received was for Disc Makers.
I don't know what they do, I don't know what they sell -
but it doesn't matter because our dishwasher (ten years old, from BEFORE THE RENOVATION, repaired twice at great expense) has ceased washing dishes.
Its upper arm sprayer has stopped spraying and we don't care why.
I'm off to look at this:


and return that venetian blind we bought two months ago.

For those of you following from home:
Middle is quite well. I mean really well.
I mean walking around in his black jeans and tee shirt.
With very minor swelling around his jawline (arnica, holla!).
He has one last vicodin and then it's Tylenol or nothing, and, I suspect, he'll do nothing.

We thank you for all the support.
We have a terrible crush on you, internet, and feel like one of those drunken men who stumble around hugging people and telling them he loves them.
Except we are already embarrassed.


BabelBabe said…
we have a place around here called Construction Junction which is essentially building salvage, and there are BUCKETS of those doorknobs, starting at a buck a piece, and ranging up to probably 20-30 dollars a piece. wanna come visit??
Anonymous said…
Very glad Middle is doing well. Ah, Youth! If you or I were to have it done, we'd be laid up for a week.

We had the exact SAME bathroom in our first house. Always a challenge to coordinate something that did not involve grey French poodles reading the newspaper with the pink and black tiles.
Joke said…
We had that bathroom -- in our previous house -- also! Only it was in amazing disrepair.

Good for Middle!

Anonymous said…
Strong and brave Middle...isn't that a great age to deal with this stuff.
Anonymous said…
Good for Middle. Glad to hear he is soldiering through.

I had to look twice, three times, at that dishwasher. Didn't see the plainly visible brand name, just the Apple-looking logo at the right. Um. Apple makes dishwashers now?!? Do they play music and have internet access?
Anonymous said…
I'm glad Middle has recovered so well so quickly.

We got a GE Profile dishwasher about 2 years ago and have been happy with it.
A $94 door knob?!?! WTF?!
alice c said…
Imagine waking up in that lime green bedroom with a hangover...
Carol said…
Am I weird? I love the linens - don't like the bed, though.

Good for Middle - he is so fortunate.

My friend has that washer and Loves it.
Anonymous said…
The dorm room?!
What is that about?

I'm speechless.

Does everyone have "theme" dorm rooms now?

We just had "poor" and "cheap."
That was our theme, whatever we could come up with that was cheap, because we were poor college kids.

Crazed Nitwit said…
You get some pretty fancy catalogs. When I left for college, a gazillion years ago, I had new sheets(had to XL twins), new comforter and some new clothes. I did not however, bring my stuffed cats. I have never owned any stuffed cats. I am so out of the loop!
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear Middle is having a speedy recovery.

Is that a Bosch dishwasher? I have one and love it.Mine is about 5yrs old. It cleans well,but the best feature is that it is so so quiet.
We spend a lot of time in our kitchen and adjacent family room and one can never tell that the dishwasher is on. my previous one was a noise maker! I have to sometimes warn my kids that it is running so that they do not open it while searching for a favorite mug,etc.!

blackbird said…
It IS a Bosch - and NOW I'm excited!
Anonymous said…
#1-Two foot tall vases. You can get ever-so-creative and layer them with rocks and fake moss and stuff (I work for PB).At Holiday time they are delightful with faux-snow and a couple of large ornaments.
#2-I am paying $7000 a year for my daughter's 1/4 of an on-campus apartment and it isn't anywhere near that big. Neither is the master bedroom in my apartment!

Glad Middle has survived the oral surgery. Those wisdom teeth looked Ginormous!
RW said…
Those were a couple of fun posts!

Glad to hear that Middle is recovering quickly.

I look forward to the dinner party recap.
TheOneTrueSue said…
There actually is a dishwasher that has a TV on it. I'm not sure how you would watch it, but there you go. So glad Middle is doing better. I'd love a porch swing.
Alice said…
Whose college dorm is that big?
And decorated so badly?
These people have too much money and too much bad taste...
It's such a problem, watch any MTV Cribs, it'll prove it.