let's call it random

Look, I read some design blogs. Glance at some of them.
And, for the most part, I like what I see.
Sure, our house is never going to be a spare white place with a lot of stainless steel, but I can appreciate a nice Eames Lounge Chair.
Every once in a while though, I find myself scratching my head. It could be lice - it could be some design sense. I don't know.
Who would wear this?

winter tree ring

It is to laugh. I'm quite sure I'd impale someone somehow whilst wearing this work of art.

ugly green chair

What color should I get this in?
I know! Pink!
It folds down too. I'm thrilled.


I don't even know where I lifted this from.
But I need one.
I just wish I had the guts to wear it to Blogher.

In other news:


the sprayer on my fancy-ass French faucet has broken. The hose, scraping past a board below the sink, wore through.

hose 1

It started dripdripdripping just after we returned from vacation. Or Oldest never did dishes - which is also possible.
Although this faucet has broken several times, the manufacturer has been very good about sending parts quickly as it has a lifetime guarantee. And so the glass is half full again.

I caught some of the Marni fashions from Milan the other night.

<span class=

I liked most of them very much.
I do think one might need a long neck to wear some of them.
And Oldest says the boots are baboon butt.

<span class=

It could be difficult to drive in this hat but the rest of the outfit suits me just fine.

<span class=

Fabulous coat here on Miss Scowly McMessyhair.
I'll take the bag too.

5 spice necklace

No. No,no,no. No.
It's a necklace YOU FOOL.
And? NO.

It's deathly hot here.
It's Africa hot.
Word to your mother it's hot.
We have let Youngest be on the computer for far too long.
Middle is walking around in black jeans and tee shirts.
Oldest is sweltering.
K waits tensely for news of work.
I have not ironed in weeks - HOT.
But I think we have enough action figures to re-create this:

<span class=


BabelBabe said…
that's a spice rack, you can't fool me.

and of course you post in the evening - if your laptop is like mine, it gets very hot, too hot to post midday : )
Crazed Nitwit said…
I love the spice rack necklace. Really. How much fun I could have in class with with bottles? (evil grin) It's hot here too. Seattle thinks it's Phoenix for some unknown reason...
KPB said…
I love your taps.

And that fold down chair is kinda funky.
Crazed Nitwit said…
that was supposed to be playing with my bottles...........der on me.
Paula said…
How did you know this was just what I needed tonight?
Anonymous said…
The first one - is it a ring?? Might work for me in the Bronx.

Deathly hot and my bedroom a/c is just giving me the raspberry.

Even too hot for the beach. Tho a pool, that would be nice.
Anonymous said…
I DID notice you were posting in the evening. I don't even look for you until about 5 pm lately.

The ring would be dangerous on my hand. The furry hat/arm warmers/short sleeved t-shirt combo? Never. But the fabulous coat can come live in my closet.
Sarah Louise said…
I want one of those chairs, and yes, in pink. And posting in the evening, hmmm...just as long as you post...
I'm loving the action figures!!!! Much better than the original.
Unknown said…
I believe we have enough playmobile figures to recreate the last supper. Including one with a pope's hat. I believe I need to find them right now!
Claudia said…
I want to have one of these folded chairs! In pink, of course.
Just think of all the things you could let hang out of its "mouth".
Munch, munch.
"Feed me, Seymour!"
Anonymous said…
Please send food to those poor hungry girls.
Anonymous said…
that last photo is freaking hilarious. Stay cool.
tut-tut said…
I understand that escaping to a restaurant at lunchtime is a good diversion from the heat . . .
Anonymous said…
Well, yes, it is nice. Except not the armwarmers. You aren't going to be wearing armwarmers, are you?

And the G.I. Joe Last Supper is killing me. Where do you find this stuff?
Alice said…
It's like the Sahara here too, good luck staying cool, could you do other famous paintings GI Joe style to kill the time?
alice c said…
I have just had a discussion with my daughter - she couldn't understand how we had enough grey clothes for a machine load. 'WHAT ARE WE? THE ELEPHANT FAMILY??'
Now I can point out that we are designer led.
Anonymous said…
I love that last pic--but are you short a few fellas?

I recognized it as the Last Supper, but since I'm a practising agnostic, I'm unsure of the final guest count at that dinner.

But I sure like what you did.

Can you do anything with Barbies?
Anonymous said…
I just saw the face on

Miss Scowly McMessyhair!

Isn't that overdoing it, the crabby face? I mean there's the preteen sulking look, the teen aged angst sulking look, and then there's homicidal...

I wouldn't want to cross that child.
Elan Morgan said…
Do you not wear necklaces?
TheOneTrueSue said…
I now have a strong urge to try to do this with our Fisher Price Little People. Hmmmmmmm...

Love the coat...
Caterina said…
Hahahahaha. That Last Supper is hilarious!