it's just like the Kennedy compound up here

football 2

They play football on the lawn, the Kennedys, right?


With crazy hats.

Lots of cocktails.
Magic tricks.
Early beach days.
Poker after dinner.
Planet gazing on the lawn. Or in the middle of the street.

baby K use

I'm pretty sure there's always a baby around at important family gatherings.
And our baby likes when Uncle K plays guitar and Middle solos on keys.

Middle solos


Paula said…
What a lovely holiday you're having and a baby to smooch to boot...
Sounds like lots of fun. Glad you're enjoying.
jenny said…
You couuld probably include the poker, cocktails and quite possibly even the magic tricks while playing 'Kennedys'.

Maybe combine all three while driving and you can be Joan & Patrick. The fun never ends.
Anonymous said…
Just like...indeed!

But where are the secret service guys?

Happy 4th!
Anonymous said…
That baby is soooooo cute!
tut-tut said…
happy 4th to you all.
Carol said…
Looks like you're having an incredible vacation. Good for you...what a great way to celebrate the 4th and summer.
Anonymous said…
You're right! It's just like the Kennedy compound, minus the car accidents and excessive drinking.
alice c said…
So does that make you Rose ...or Jackie. I think that you are a potential matriarch but with extra style.
Anonymous said…
Yes, it is like the that Grey Gardens sort of way.

Sarah Louise said…
Awww, a baby!!!