In which it would appear that our neighbor has password protected his wifi

We did have access to the internet from the house – now, it seems, we no longer do.
And while I haven’t been doing much reading, I do want to know about dear Kim’s baby and my friend Schmutzie’s surgery. (I’ll link if I can.)

For now I am reduced to WALKING DOWN THE BLOCK to sign on at the coffee shop.

Am having a very nice time. Aside from the whole internet thing.

Here is a little movie


Paula said…
Laa Dee Daa indeed!

At computer camp are we?
Anonymous said…
Coming to life. Totally cool.

MsCellania said…
Hmmmm, I see alot of coffee drinking in your future.

Video (Vimeo?) was awesome! Thank him for the performance!
Anonymous said…
I hate when neighbors do that! So rude!

We only had wifi once on vacation and I regretted it cause I was blogging more than doing, you know what I mean?

But The Young One will be SO jealous to see that video.

And when you get back, will you show me how to imbed a video,

your technology-challenged friend,
Anonymous said…
Looks like heaven, except for the internet thing, of course. Enjoy!
Anonymous said…
I'm nominating that movie for the next "Sundance" award festival!
Susie Sunshine said…
Dear Neighbor,
Stop being a dick. It's not like wifi is a non-renewable resource, for shit's sake.

There is a baby next door. It would really be a SHAME if a poopy diaper accidentally found itself hidden under the seat in your car or in the corner of your garage, you know?

Thanks in advance for your co-operation in the matter,

Susie Sunshine
(dealer of asshole neighbors since 1991)