in which it may take me two days to recap blogher

I would like to preface this by saying that I do not intend to review the Blogher conference.
If you would like to discuss the conference and my opinions of it I think you should email me.
I'd rather tell you about my trip to Chicago where I attended Blogher and had an extraordinarily good time with new friends...

So, to review: thursday was TRAVELTRAVELTRAVEL - Chicago is a long trip from Tuvalu you know. Many many hours and a huge storm swirling around the city, which, it turned out, brought a stultifying drizzle. My arrival, heralded, dinner at Blackbird - divine, and crashing a party at the W, LOUD.

Friday was BLOGHERBLOGHERBLOGHER from registering (huge heavy swag bag to lug for the rest of the day) to meeting hundreds of women and going to sessions. We had a great time Twittering each other during meetings: like talking in class, minus the part where you get in trouble - everyone types during Blogher sessions. Friday wrapped up with cocktails on the rough (that's how my Michigan friends say roof). Back to the deluxe apartment in the sky for Thai food and laughs. Windy City Wendy had joined us on the roof to spend the rest of the weekend with us at Poppy's. Wendy doesn't even have a blog. She's a groupie. She's adorable and wonderful.

Saturday we decided to do some of the city. But first we needed lattes, so we walked to Starbucks. Morning in Poppy's neighborhood is damn nice. Now that I think of it, there really isn't a time of day in Poppy's neighborhood that ISN'T damn nice.

good bag

Wendy made that blouse. Amy Butler fabric. And she wore pale green Dansko clogs and green bracelets because she's like that. For my sewing readers, let me just mention that the french seams were PERFECT and the top stitching was incomparable.

We passed sculptures of dresses along the way...

dress in garden

this one is VERY Susie Sunshine ("hello sunshine" is what Susie says when you get up in the morning, and her voice is like happy balloons all the time, which is especially endearing when she's talking dirty).

This one is very ME.

park statue

Back home with our fixes, we compare loot -



Not a blogher giveaway...


Not a blogher giveaway...



cookies by <span class=

Food loot.
Baked by Wendy. Inhaled by the rest of us.

Fortified, we set forth...

Brides were out in force.


This one doesn't look too happy.

flower girl

I was so busy admiring her flower girl that I walked face first into a barrel chested guy and bounced off him.

Did you know they sell bags of sand at Pottery Barn?
If anyone needs sand, for god's sake, let me know.

bags of sand

Off to show Susie the bean and buy souvenirs.


bean mess

I adore the bean but the girls kept me from licking it.

The park was crowded and there were more brides and quinceanera girls.


Quinceanera girls do it up right.
As do their attendants.

It was hot and sticky and we needed food.
Back to the apartment in a taxi - flirting with guys in Range Rovers and giggling like midwestern girls. I'm one of those people who adopts the accent of those around me...

Poppy was up and bustling around. CLEANING.
Sheesh - we had only MENTIONED that all her gorgeous hardwoods were the best surface for a Swiffer.

ducks in a row

Poppy's ducks all in a row.

But there were blinds to be hung.
(We couldn't let her think we wouldn't pitch in!)

<span class=

She's not Poppy Buxom for nothing.

I'll leave it there for now.
I have another batch of photos to upload - but right now I have laundry to do and my house has the vague scent of four days of seafood cooking...


Anonymous said…
Perfect recap of one of the most fun weekends I've ever had. (And I'm blushing.)
tut-tut said…
You all look so . . . together, for want of a better word. And that apartment; well!

And it's just so amazing to me that the format can allow people to connect and then to meet in the actual of it all.

I would like to here your thoughts on the Blogher event.
TSintheC said…
Rough? I do NOT say rough. I say roooooof.

It was a test when I moved to West-by-Gawd-Virginia.

Wow, it all sounds like so much fun. Well, except for that coming home to the smell of fish thing. But at least your menfolk had a sign at the airport.
Geggie said…
I'm so jealous. I want to go to Blogher.
Ellen Landrum said…
I'm so curious what you thought of the blogher she-bang. Sounds like you opted for more fun on Saturday . . . just curious, as I live the blogher exp. vicariously! ps- the banner below, so awesome.
Anonymous said…
you're not critiqueing because 1. if you can't say something nice you won't say anything at all? or 2. because it's too boring to critique? or 3. because everyone else is doing it?

you can just say the number. i won't tell anyone.

oh -- and loved your homecoming banner. them's some boys you got there.
teaorwine said…
Need sand? It can be purchased by the bagful at Home Depot.
Anonymous said…
Pottery Barn Associate says.... PB sand-Guaranteed that no dog has ever peed or pooped on it!
Poppy Buxom said…

As always, peerless. And the photograph of the flower girl? I want to kidnap her. Her little cute black-and-white-and-red-all-over self would look great with my daugher's Madame Alexander dolls.

Oh, those cookies. Wendy, none survived to make it back to Newtopia. Not a single one. I ate the last three while I finished tidying up after you all left.

And why hasn't Susie Sunshine updated? Hmmmmm? Is she too important????
Joke said…
God bless you people for fixing the blind.

If you're seated right by that window -- you know which chairs I mean -- on your laptop and it's sunset...oy, will your retinae suffer.

Susie Sunshine said…
JESUS CHRIST HANGIN' ON THE CROSS, PEOPLE! Ya gotta remember that I got a thousand kids and NO doormen!
Anonymous said…
How did I miss a gigantic silver egg?

I love that someone travels with their own ducks. That is so right.

So is describing the perfection of seams.

That bride looks familiar. Don't they all lately?

It was wonderful meeting you!
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a lot of fun. I enjoyed the Twitters when you guys were in that one session. I'm really jealous that you got to meet Susie Sunshine. I'm rather fond of her, y'know.
Anonymous said…
So happy to have met you briefly on a bus and so jealous I can't friggin' post because I lost my laptop power supply (and complaining about it all over the internet).
Anonymous said…
you guys are hilarious. I'm so bitter that I only talked to you for two seconds. It's so wrong. I was clearly hanging out in the wrong place
J. A. Blackburn said…
Love the photos! I really enjoyed looking at the dress sculptures aruond the city- some were so creative!