I'm in the Personal Branding seminar

... and while the women speaking aren't really saying anything new, the great thing is that I can sit here and type and it's not considered impolite.
We just finished a speed dating exercise designed to have us meet the other bloggers.
There are 750 people here.
I didn't print 750 business cards.
So, there I was, standing in the big circle meeting the women across from me when I decided to say hello to the woman next to me AND SHE KNEW ME.
She reads here.
It made my day.
She's a lurker, of course, BUT WHO CARES!

We might skip the next session - there's nothing calling to us. Well, latte. Latte is calling us.

Some photos -

<span class=

The deluxe apartment is pretty damned deluxe.

minus <span class=

As a favor to Susie, I took her ass out of this picture.
Because I'm nice that way.

Back at home Oldest caught a fish.

<span class=

A huge fish.
We video chatted this morning - the boys were shirtless as they had just scaled the fish.
I can't tell you how happy I am that I wasn't home for that.

Susie wants me to mention how marvelous she looks today. Radiant even.
I will say that she has damn fine eyebrows. And she works to keep them that way.
That's all I'll say.

She and Poppy are so damn funny.
We are having lunch at a table for Moms Who Curse. Someone added "and drink."

I'm feeling very much at home.


Angela said…
Thanks so much for these updates. (On a severely odd side note, *I'm* shirtless because *I* just scaled a fish! How weird is that?!) ((Of course, I'm lying.))
Anonymous said…
Would that be the John Hancock building out the window? Cool.

fwiw, I too would be very much at home at the Mothers Who Curse And Drink table.
Anonymous said…
It sounds like a lot of fun.
Anonymous said…
So thrilled to have found you at lunch. Meeting you made my day -- I hope to catch up with you again today or tomorrow.

I think I hear a latte calling, too.
Anonymous said…
Oh yay! It's almost like being there, knowing I can come here and you'll be as conscientious as always about updating.
TSintheC said…
So, Blackbird, where are you putting your brand? I think the backside is a pretty damn good place.
alice c said…
Curses...hotfessional beat me to it.
So does the leopard print carpet in Chicago make up for the fish guts at home?
Joke said…
She changed the carpet!


P.S. If you have an espresso, I gave them those cups.
RW said…
Thanks for these updates. How amazing that all these individuals are together in one place!
Anonymous said…
Must be real cool to go somewhere and find so many people that "know" you...
I love being able to be there from such a distance.
Anonymous said…
what I would give to be there with you girls.
Carol said…
I'm with Irene - I think we were dumb not to go!! :)
helenjane said…
snicker, delurking.

marvy to meet you in the face, my dear. can't wait to see more of you in person!