I haven't packed a thing

Remember those journals I bought at a yard sale?
I am still completely enthralled with them.
Sometimes I like to see what Dorothy was doing on a particular day:

July 23, 1938 - We lunched at Banker's Club. Met Mr. Simpson and Mr. Hughes there. Drove to Spring Lake. Bad storm at Perth Amboy. After dinner and dancing, went to Monmouth then to Sapphire Room.

July 23, 1939 - I felt heavy-headed. A cold coming I guess. Slept a lot. Frank home working. We had supper and spent eve. at Blake's.

July 23, 1940 - Did dishes, made beds, went to Dr. Wm'sons. Took John. Marketed. Both of us slept after lunch. F. worked, I did dishes, ironed, read papers.

July 23, 1941 - Marie arr. before 8. Helped her do up work. To Park. Marketed. Drove to Helen Bolton's for lunch and bridge taking D. Blake and Helen Iverson. Mended in eve.

July 23, 1943 - Washed. Chased on street. Edie and Va. over for a visit. I made a lovely cake. P.M. long nap. Always so much to do.

Her days sound not unlike mine.


Sinda said…
Your days and hers sound idyllic to me.

Do you use that Goodreads site already? I went there to check it out, and it said it was checking to see if any of my contacts were already users - I'm not sure if it really did that, or if it is trying to snag new users by using my contacts?

I wish I were going - Hazel's birthday party is this weekend, and I couldn't possibly miss her turning 5!
tut-tut said…
Don't you wish we still used words like "marketed"? And were able to take a long nap in the P.M., even though there's always so much to do?
alice c said…
Who did the dishes on the other days? I think we ought to know. Maybe she bought a Bosch and it was so quiet she didn't think it was worth mentioning.
Geggie said…
I love this kind of this. I want to read them all!
Anonymous said…
Why are they all dated July 23rd although different years?
We STILL market around here, ifyou mean a place to buy produce and fruit.
Packing already? Aren't you going on the 28th?
Too many questions...
jenny said…
It's not the same at all but I read my Surviving Grady book like that too. Going back to check the same date...seeing how the Sox were doing at the same point in 2004.
Anonymous said…
I have two journals written by two different girls, one from 1942 and another from the thirties.

I love them.

The one from the forties: this girl must have caused her folks much grief. "Boy-crazy" is all I can think of to say about her. She's in love with a different boy each week.
And movie stars, oh how she loves movie stars--the men. She's slightly critical of the females, as you might guess.

The one from the 30's: she does a whole lot of housework. I think she's a summer hire in a resort community somewhere near Chicago.
She does have the evenings off, but it's clear she doesn't quite "belong" to the group the other girls run in.

Sounds like something absolutely Austen, doesn't it?

Diaries are so much fun...as long as they're not mine.

Jess said…
Sounds like an adult version of my grandmother's high school diary - they must've taught brevity in the schools back then.
Alice said…
how beautiful and classic?

sounds like my days...
at least the good days.