for K

bb and K use

building rocks

two stones



different angle

beach cairn

one wave

still standing

tower tide

wave in

washed out 5


little girl

stone picker 2

stone bb hand


Anonymous said…
How beautiful. And poignant.
Anonymous said…
Very Andy Goldsworthy. Happy 25!
Anonymous said…
Your deep connection with K clearly emerges from those pics, especially when you show the whole tower apart, meaning you are there ready to build once again, always together.
Unknown said…
Fall down, go boom?

Aw, that made me sad. Beautiful tower, excellent construction. Powerful.
Paula said…
Happy Anniversary dear bb and k.

And many, many more.
Anonymous said…
Nice rocks.
Paula said…
And also? Your tagged.
Jess said…
Dear bb, you've outdone yourself. These are on par with the Airport photos.

Thanks for reminding us of what's important.
Suse said…

Just perfect.
Crazed Nitwit said…
Great sand/rock castle/tower! We loved making things in the sand back when we loved in a state that had stand instead of just rocks. It was amazingly constructed and your pictures are awesome!!
Unknown said…
You truly have such an amazing eye for beauty.

And congratulations on 25 years!
Jennifer said…
25 years is impressive. So are these photos :)
Carol said…
Our 8th anniversary is in 11 days - I thought that was long! Congratulations and here's to many more!!
BreadBox said…
Oh sure, make us all jealous without using any words!

Lovely, lovely poignant pictures.

ps Word veri is "ekdank" which is Germam for "I have just flushed my self respect down the toilet in jealousy"
Beautiful :)
And happy 25. I'm inspired.
alice c said…
Which shows, I think, that it is not the material things that matter but the people. The children. The parents. That is the outcome of 25 happy years.
Congratulations to you both.
Sarah Louise said…
happy anni!! Quarter century -- that's something to be proud of.