facts about my new dishwasher...

...which is not being delivered until early August.

From an ad in Saveur magazine:

If everyone in America purchased a Bosch dishwasher this year, the energy savings would be equivalent to:
  • Putting the space shuttle into orbit 5,300 times.
  • Lighting the Las Vegas Strip for over 5 years.
  • Preventing 25 billion pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

If everyone in America purchased a Bosch dishwasher this year, the water saved would be enough to:

  • Fill 80,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.
  • Supply the needs of 2 million households for a year.
  • Fill the U.S. Capitol building 430 times.
Of course, Tuvalu is much smaller than all of America - but I like to think we are doing our part.

I'll be happy if it actually cleans our dishes.


tut-tut said…
Aren't you the lucky one . . .
Badger said…
Is it wrong that I am intrigued by the idea of filling the US Capitol building with water? Especially 430 times?

Meanwhile I am perfectly happy with my Kenmore Elite, thanks very much.
Anonymous said…
Maybe I'm missing the point, but I think lighting the Las Vegas Strip for even 5 minutes is too much.

MsCellania said…
I'm okay with our Bosch. It cleans well, but it is designed for skinny, European dishes. We have some thick, clunky American ones. There is a learning curve.
We love that it is quiet. And more energy conserving than our old one.
Now I'm jonesing for that LG steam washer. Which Lemony-Sarah just happens to have purchased! It is bee-you-tee-full!
alice c said…
I am shocked that you need a dishwasher - don't you eat off banana leaves and drink straight from the coconut?
Anonymous said…
I'm more shocked that you can get 4 males to actually put the dirty dishes into the dishwasher!

When I do my part to save water, I always get really annoyed at the neighbors with an automated sprinkler system that is running in the pouring rain.
blackbird said…
Who in the WORLD said anything about 4 males putting dishes in the dishwasher?
Crazed Nitwit said…
How nice! I hope it's very quiet unlike my huge noisemaker. We rent so had no choice.

Fun stuff.
Defunct Lisa said…
I love our Bosch.
SO quiet! we don't realize that its on, and have opened it mid-cycle many times. It also does a really good job cleaning up any kind of dried on, accumulated, food remains. We don't rinse anything, it all goes straight in.
Anonymous said…
I'm with Musing... ditto everything she said. It took me 4yrs to allow my family near it, I had to protect my newfound treasure!(I know,that sounds crazy.I have some "do it my way" issues) I didn't know I was helping to save the planet!

I hope you and your Bosch have many happy years together.

Anonymous said…
ok, first, YAY I can comment on your blog now!

second, I've become obsessed about the climate crises, unplugging everything, changing all the bulbs in the house and teaching my sons how to save water on a daily basis. so I NEED a picture of the dishwasher. please.
Sarah Louise said…
My parents are currently looking at NEW appliances to replace the 23 year old appliances in the house I lived in during high school. 23 years? Since I was in 7th grade? You. gotta. be. kidding. me.

Maybe they'll get a Bosch.

Have fun at BlogHer!!!
BabelBabe said…
verrrrryyyy quiet - my MIL just got one. a far cry from my noisy, inefficient, and useless Kenmore cheap piece of crap that the home warranty covered.
TheOneTrueSue said…
A dishwasher that actually cleans dishes? I've yet to find a good one. Very interested to hear how you like it after you get it!
Anonymous said…
I have to smile. Our dishwasher, I am sure is doing its part to reduce global warming by saving on water usage and electricity because it is a person. (me)
LOL! (of course we could calculate my needs in red wine and dark chocolate, and perhaps I *could* volunteer, after consuming too much caffeine to light up the Vegas strip)

Of course, I * really would* like an actual mechanical dishwasher- especially with five of us- one who is certain to make even more dirty dishes not too long from now!I just can't let my hubby read this or he'd claim our lack of dishwasher ownership part of the plan to save the planet.

I do have to say the advertising is rather interesting because if everyone in America *could* purchase a Bosch dishwasher this year, loads of social issues (like poverty) would have been already solved and we'd be on our way to Utopia! ;>

MizMell said…
I have enjoyed my Bosch dishwasher for 3 years now. I love it, and I am sure you will not be disappointed. It's so very, very quiet too!