did it/need it/hate it

The Pottery Barn catalogue has arrived and, as you may know, my admiration for it has waned.
We do need bedroom furniture, but I don't see us buying it from a place that charges hundreds of dollars for delivery.

I had been using the catalogue as decor inspiration, but, over the last year or so, I've realized that someone on their art team must be looking in my windows for ideas, so there isn't much to spark my imagination.

With this issue I decided to play a game.
The did it/need it/hate it game.
It's pretty self explanatory.

It goes like this:

Picture 20

Nifty hand blown glass pendant lamps?
Did it.

Picture 18

Lampshade, for the living room lamp - NEED IT.

Picture 19

Giant metal swirly thing that holds photos - HATE IT.

Bar shelves:

Picture 17

did it.

Picture 15

Need is strong word, but I very much like these small table/pedestal things...

Picture 14

I'm pretty sure I hate this mirror arrangement.

Picture 10

Rocks as weights. Did it.

Picture 21

I NEED a weekend in this bed.

Picture 13

I hate the idea of manufactured old/fake prop tools on the wall. I have tools in my garage with more character. I don't think any of them are going in our living room.

Picture 8

Did the blackboard in the dining room.

Picture 5

Need Mongolian horsemen in balloon hats.

Hate this chandelier.

Picture 6

Picture 7

Did the hanging bottle thing. So did Anthropologie. Don't remember who did it first but it wasn't PB.

Picture 4

NEED to remember that 'tomorrow is another day.'

Strongly dislike this...

Picture 12

That was fun, wasn't it?

A warm thank you to my 34 birthday well wishers.
I felt like I got birthday cards all day long...


Anonymous said…
You post so much that if I blink I miss your whole bleepin birthday! Happy belated. I will also miss your outing at Blogher, but hope to hear about it elsewhere... perhaps, dare I hope, see pictures.
Badger said…
Well, who DOESN'T need a Mongolian horseman in a balloon hat? I ask you.
Jennifer said…
Those lamp shades closely VERY CLOSE resemble my new lamp shades :) Love them!

The black metal swirly thing, well I'm really wanting one that is a candle holder... not a picture holder don't like that.
Alice said…
Okay, I obvi like their euro shams but even I've does half the things they have in that damn catalogue...
Anonymous said…
When you spend your day in that gorgeous blue and white bed, remember to remove the massive rack of deer antlers from the wall first. They remind me of the sword of Damocles, just waiting to impale you on the mattress when you aren't looking.

I'm with you on the fake prop tools. Those are just weird -- they make me think of Children of the Corn or something.
TheOneTrueSue said…
I can't look at the pottery barn catalog, because then I wander around the house staring at my blank walls. Although, there isn't much in the way of wall decor in the PB catalog that I'd actually want to buy, as you pointed out. I could look at the PB Children's catalog for hours. Not the bedrooms so much, but the playroom stuff, what with all the storage and the organization and the neatly stowed toys.
Jess said…
But what about the giant scissors? Don't you need the giant scissors?

My roommate and I were just doing the same thing with the PB catalog the other night. We share your feelings on the rakes/bread paddles.
Anonymous said…
I got mine yesterday or the day before and thought it was mostly a "yawn."
They've been doing the same thing for a thousand years or so.

Agree with fake tools on wall.
Sometimes a wall just looks better being a wall.

Anonymous said…
That WAS fun. I agree about the Mongolians and balloon hats. Who DOESN'T need more of those?
Joke said…
1- The new PB catalog is very, very underwhelming.

2- You have the same birthday as Numbah One Son! (Who got a BAAAAAD case of strep on his birthday and therefore I wasn't here to wish you a HB.)

3- That chandelier looks like something that heterophobic cowpersons would covet.

Anonymous said…
Man, i can't believe i missed your birthday.

Happy belated to a wonderful person.

Annagrace said…
I think the theme here is: stay away from wrought iron. And I completely agree. Just like I abhor all the pseudo-italianate sh** that everyone with a decorator seems to find irresistible these days.
KPB said…
Let's get the Net talking and move over in that bed because I want a piece of it too.
Anonymous said…
Here comes a biased opinion-I work for PB!! The stuff in the catalog is not necessarily the stuff in the store. We put out our new late summer products this week and I really love the table linens and carved wood objects. I'm pretty sure my department doesn't have the Mongolian Horsemen with County Fair Headgear....at least I haven't stumbled on them in the stockroom! I'll have to take a closer look at the catalog.What page was that again?? We do have Monkey Napkin Rings. Now aren't you just a little curious?
Anonymous said…
You have entirely too much time and money on your hands for me to comprehend that you are even a real human being.
Terri said…
You need Mongolian horsemen wearing balloon hats?? LOL!!
You're too funny!
God bless.
Sarah Louise said…
I need a weekend in that bed too. One very sleep deprived children's librarian on the one day she is CHOOSING to stay up past midnight (for the HP release.)

September...how I long for thee, when all these children GO BACK TO SCHOOL.

(and they're not even my children.)

This was fun. Have a blast at BlogHer!!

oh look, my vw is mocking me.
Emery Jo said…
Yes, the catalog was mostly BLAHyawn, but did you see that one room with the shelves and all the old art books lined up on them over the couch?

Anonymous said…
Wow- again - we have such similar taste! I agree with ALL of the above. You rock.. and if I ever find out where Tuvula is and then visit -I will be sure to look you up cuz we have way to much in common!
Kim J