day one

I'm here.
I'm sitting in the dining room, way high up.
I can see the lake, I can see a huge swath of city, I can see some guy in his boxers making the bed across the street.

I got here to discover that Poppy and Susie were not in the building.
Off to the supermarket - though the glass kingdom seemed well stocked with champagne (one case), white wine (one case), red wine (one case) and strawberries (two punnets).
What else could we need?
Cheese, it turns out.

Due to my late arrival, I had just enough time to gossip, complain, and get my bearings before
Poppy and left for dinner at Blackbird (a gift from K) and Susie went to P.J. Clarke's to a sponsored party.
We met up later in a teeny blackened room at the top of the W for expensive cocktails and
mind-numbingly loud music.
As we were crashing that party there was no name tag for me.
There was some screaming when I was introduced to people and there were some women I recognized right away.
But after just a little while the ambiance proved too much for us and we dragged Susie out of there.
A glorious stroll along the lake brought us back to Poppy's. Where we chatted and laughed and had some champagne before bed.

Pictures will be taken.

I have a blister on the bottom of my foot which will necessitate the wearing of the Campers today. I have a slight headache.
No one has any idea what the conference will entail - but we do know what we won't be attending...perhaps I will have a minute or 30 to upload some photos then.

I'll tell you this: it's pretty damn swell up here.


I just love Chicago! Have a great time!!!
Carol said…
Very jealous...have a great time in one of the greatest cities I know.
Paula said…
All the places I've traveled to in my life and I've never been to Chicago.

I was at the airport once on my way to Germany, but still not the same...

Have a wonderful time.

P.S. He's home!
Anonymous said…
Nice, very nice.
Just sorry about the blister.
Crazed Nitwit said…
Sounds like fun except for the blister. Have a super de dooper day!