burn off the haze around the shore

turn off the crazy way I feel...

We are killing time.
Middle is completely recovered.
Oldest waits for phone calls, as does K.
I do my housework and await Chicago.
Youngest reads.
We fill our days.
Some of us worry, others bide our time, it changes all the time.
Sometimes we are tense, sometimes we forget.

Yesterday we went surfing.
Our good friend W taught Youngest the basics.

Carefully timed by wind and weather and waves, W arrived and we strapped his boards to the roof of my car.


We looked so damn cool.

boards on the roof

We could see how damn cool we looked through the sunroof.

bizarre dance move

Youngest did the ritual Tuvaluan Dance Before the Master Of the Surf and they were ready to begin.


Our pal W, to whom we entrusted the life of our heir, towed Youngest out beyond a couple of sets of breakers.

He learned: when to lift over a wave, when to kneel, when to stand (though I have no pictures of this large accomplishment as I was cheering on shore) and when to step off...

stepping off

It was idyllic.

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And, for a couple of hours, we forgot work and doctors and dishwashers.
For a couple of hours we looked at the sky and the surf and watched Youngest process something new and wonderful.

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Youngest came in to get warm while his teacher took some waves on his own.

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I wrapped him in one of my dad's old shirts and he told us all about it.


A few last runs and then W came in to warm up too.


There was cold beer waiting for us in the parking lot.


BabelBabe said…
an old boyfriend tried to teach me to surf down at virginia beach once - i loved it but between my terror of being eaten by a shark and then nearly drowning due to the crazy way the shore drops off at the beach there, i was abysmally terrible. but it was fun. am glad youngest had fun, he looks like he's having a blast.
What a WONDERFUL day!
Alice said…
The boy keeps his surfboard in the hallway, how's that for looking cool?
MizMell said…
It's good to forget work and doctors and dishwashers...
Anonymous said…
That day and your photos are the definition of idyllic. Yay for Youngest, yay for W, yay for bb. "For a couple of hours we looked at the sky and the surf and watched Youngest process something new and wonderful.". I love that sentence.
Anonymous said…
Cool indeed. And your friend W looks very cool too.
Lastly, your male all seem to have these gorgeous attractive fingers/hands. That is one helluva great thing.
Anonymous said…
I'm reminded of an old girl scout song, a camp-out song, sung in the round, to the tune of (of all things) "The Old Gray Mare."

Here we sit like birds in the wilderness,
birds in the wilderness,
birds in the wilderness.
Here we sit like birds in the wilderness,waiting for you to come.

Waiting for you to come,
waiting for you to come.
Here we sit like birds in the wilderness waiting for you to come!

How annoying is that?
Don't start singing it or you'll be humming it all day.

I've had that hazy feeling of waiting. I don't like it much.
It reminds me of "Waiting for Godot," which drove me nuts.

This too shall pass.
Anonymous said…
We live 2 miles from the ocean, as of one year ago. I know my son will want to learn to surf at some point. I wonder if there's some sort of bungie/tether thing I could tie around his waist and hold onto the other end as I watch from the shore. That way I could reel him in whenever I got worried. You don't think he'd be mortified, do you? ; )
Anonymous said…
Have you been watching John From Cincinnati? This post puts me in mind of it.

Hey, Youngest has quite a nice tan, eh?
Suse said…
Gosh I hope it was warmer than it looks!

Son #1 learnt to surf last year, on a cold cold spring day. He had a ball.

(Youngest has your hands!)
TheOneTrueSue said…
The life of your heir, hee.
KPB said…
Youngest has the most stunning hands.

Is that inappropriate?