adventures in eating

My kids are pretty decent eaters.
Youngest can be picky but, now that he's old enough to cook for himself, it doesn't bother us.
Middle eats very little, even when he's hungry, but he has a good palate.
Neither of them can hold a candle to Oldest.
As is his personality, Oldest is a passionate eater - and always has been.
I have photos of him with sushi at two years old and chili at one.
He will try any kind of food anywhere and especially likes ethnic cuisines.
When he lived in the city he ate food from street vendors which I would never consider and frequented shops where no one spoke english.
Back here in Tuvalu he is fond of the food in little local bodegas and has been missing his favorite Jamaican beef patties and coco bread.

But the other day K and I found these:

beef patties2

And, while I'm not lining up to try one, they smell fantastic whilst cooking in the oven.


The ingredients list isn't too frightening - although I am ignoring what kind of "beef" is in them.
And who could resist the copy on the box?
It mentions my pocketbook and SERVING OCCASIONS.

<span class=

The tasty filling!
The golden dough!

And though I have a prejudice against anything with the word style in its name, Oldest proclaimed them pretty close to the real thing.


BabelBabe said…
that's funny, the crust colorants are what drew my attention as well. i have to say that generally, i am with oldest - you get some of the best food in the most unlikely places. he's an eater after my own heart.
Paula said…
He sounds like my kids; they will both eat just about anything once.

Chris wants to go on the road with Anthony Bourdain...
Alice said…
I wasn't scared of them until you the picture of the back of the box... your pocketbook? That's just not going to be eaten by me.
Elan Morgan said…
I love Jamaican patties and had forgotten about them. Now I must begin the hunt.
Anonymous said…
Mmmm, patties. We got plenty of them in London but they are thin on the ground in Somerset unfortunately. My two are both good eaters - jerk chicken, rice and peas and dumpling is one of their favourites.
Anonymous said…
Mmmm, Jamaican beef patties. I love those. And jerk. And curried goat.

Guess you wouldn't call me a picky eater.
Anonymous said…
I love Jamaican beef patties, and coco bread and curried goat and curried chicken. I was married, once upon a time to a beatiful looking man from Antigua (what my friends euphemisticlaly call my grad school starter marriage), and we used to hit the patty shops in NYC whenver we went to visit his family. We'd bring home box loads and freeze them. I can make a respectable curried goat/chicken, thanks to my ex MIL, and looooove to make it for cold January east coast weekends (except the whole house smells of curry for a week.)
KPB said…
Jasper's current five food groups: iceblocks, dry wheatbix, butter, cruskits, vegemite. then, on occasion, he'll eat like a normal person. I'm trying not to get worked up by it as Felix was exactly the same at this age and now eats everything and anything (except he still picks mushrooms out of anything I make, just like his Aunt, and doesn't like it if the pasta sauce is too green or has too many green bits in it, but loves pasta w/ garlic and oil and broccoli which I cook with the pasta. And eats broccoli, spinach and every other green vegetable and loves coriander. Weird.)