It's not a milestone birthday, but it is, in fact, my birthday.

I will sup on filet mignon and have a pedicure.

My gift is Chicago. Yes. My dear husband has purchased a large section of the city and bestowed it upon me as a gift.
Actually, I am flying off to Blogher next week where I will be outed.
This thought does unnerve me somewhat but I plan on sticking to Susie Sunshine like a tight cashmere sweater.
I'm going to cling to Poppy like last season's Lily Pulitzer skirt (the Fancie Nancie).

But enough of that.

Drink to me today.

<span class=

Have my new favorite beer which I love from its soft finish to the graphics on the bottles and boxes.

a case

Not enough to wear the hat, though...

classy hat

I don't think I could wear the hat.

Do you think that the person who wrote the copy for the hat was drunk?

a very classy hat

There are one or two blue moons a year.
We thought I might have Oldest the night of a blue moon twenty two years ago, but he held on for another two weeks.

As a Cancer, I am drawn to the moon.

blue moon

But I still wouldn't wear that hat.


alice c said…
Happy, happy birthday bb. I hope that you are spoiled all day by the men in your life and that this year brings fab things and happiness to you.

ps what is wrong with champagne?
MsCellania said…
Happy birthday!
You are still a Mere Child.
jenny said…
happy birthday, dear bb. enjoy every minute.

Shelly Kang said…
Happy Birthday!
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday! Dinner sounds lovely. Will you be live blogging for us from Blogher?
Keetha said…
Happy happy birthday to you! I hope you enjoy Blogher!

Also, Blue Moon with an orange slice is the bomb. But still, like you - wouldn't wear the hat.
Mig said…
Hope you have a terrific Birthday and gets lots of love from your family and friends!

robiewankenobie said…
damnit. i already drank mine last night. am i going to be fired? also? every birthday is significant, i think. i hope you have a more than festive blogher, i wish i was going to be there. i'm sure you're going to blog about it though...isn't that a requirement?
Birchsprite said…
Happy Birthday indeed!
Badger said…
Happy birthday, you! I will gladly drink to you, but not a Blue Moon because I'm not a fan of Belgian white beer. And not gin either, because I hate that shit.

I know! I will drink a nice glass of pinot. How's that? I can listen to NIN while I drink it, if that helps.
Anonymous said…
I hope you have a great birthday and a wonderful, wonderful year!
Anonymous said…
It's singing time again:

Ja, må du leva, Ja, må du leva,
Ja, må du leva uti hundrade år.
Ja, må du leva, Ja, må du leva,
Ja, må du leva uti hundrade år.

Ja, visst ska du leva,
Ja, visst ska du leva,
Ja, visst ska du leva uti hundrade år.
Ja, visst ska du leva,
Ja, visst ska du leva,
Ja, visst ska du leva uti hundrade år!

This is the song Swedes sing at birthdays. Roughly translated it means "Ja (Yes) you will live, Ja you will live, Ja you will live for a 100 years (hundrade ar).

The second verse is pretty much same as the first, just an affirmation that you will live for
hundrade ar.

I've heard this song so very many times from my childhood at my "Mormor" and "Morfar"'s home, and now in my home where I'm the "Mormor" and B, the Morfar" where we sing it for our kids and grandkids.

The song always makes me smile. The memories are so good.

So, bb, make some good memories today!
I wish you a Very Happy Birthday--and wear the hat.
BreadBox said…
Happy Birthday, BB! Make it a wonderful one!

Saoirse said…
Happy B-Day. You've spread so much happiness, wisdom, humor and inspiration around, that you deserve nothing but the happiest of celebrations, today and always!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday from one Moon Child to another!!

Annagrace said…
Happy birthday to a lovely (it's true) lady (I think....we don't know your name, now, do we). I do hope today is happy, peaceful, and full of everything you love.

And thanks for redeeming the day for me. It's also the birthday of my not-so-lovely-and-very-deceased father, but from now on I can think of you on this day....How's that for cheerful?
Anonymous said…
No Blue Moon here.
Can I participate in the drinking to you anyway?
Nstro Azzurro is all I have in what used to be my house.
So, I'll drink that. Happily.
Buon compleanno.
Anonymous said…
Darn. It's Nastro Azzurro and hey...in English it would be Blue Ribbon, so I got close.
Poppy Buxom said…
Happy bidet, BB!

Once in a blue moon, we have something in common. Blue Moon is the beer of choice around here, too.
TSintheC said…
I will happily have my new favorite double vodka/splash of lemonade in honor of your day.

And many, many happy returns to you.

(and if Susie outs you....you know what they say about payback!)
Heather said…
Happy Birthday Dear BB!
Emery Jo said…
mmmm... blue moon beer. delicious goodness.

Happy Birthday!!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday !!!
Paula said…
Happy Birthday dear bb!

Try the Bluemoon with a slice of orange squeezed init. YUM!
Caterina said…

I, too, am a Cancer. Most definitely drawn to the moon. And I will drink a Blue Moon with you. Salut!
The hat? Oh ya, I would gladly wear that hat :)
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday. Have a great time in Chicago!

Will you still remember us little folk when you get back?
Unknown said…
I want to sing too:

Yom huladit sameach
Yom huladit sameach
Yom huladit sameach
Yom HULADIT sa-me-ach!
Yom huladit sameach

Which, sadly, is Happy Birthday in Hebrew. Evidentally they need some help in the lyrics department.
Unknown said…
Happy birthday, bb!

And many happy, healthy returns of the day.

Thanks for brightening our days with your Cancerian, moony goodness!
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

(Glad to know my high school German is still occasionally useful.)
islaygirl said…
happy birthday BB! I wish you only the very happiest things. and i'm so sorry i don't live in evanston anymore, because i would come to blogher and stalk you in that loving, blog-adoring way.
Sarah Louise said…
hippo birdie two ewe. I think I'll go fix a rum and cherry coke. Have fun in Chicago--it's such a great town!!!
RW said…
happy natal day to you.
I hope you had a lovely day with your loved ones.
TheOneTrueSue said…
OH, Happy Birthday!!!! Hope it was wonderful.
Carol said…
I will have one (of the remaining 4 left in my fridge) tonight in your honor! Happy Birthday!

Jealous that you will be outed and I will not be there. I will have to call Susie and get her to email a photo of the two of you!! from my beloved second home town!!
Jennifer said…
Better late then never... Happy birthday sweetie! Hope it was a good one :)
whitneybee said…
Wishing you the happiest of happy birthdays!

Also, I hope you have a wonderful time at BlogHer. I am not going this year, and I'm sort of okay with that. But I am still a little sad about it because there are a few people I would have liked to have met (one of them being you).
Anonymous said…
Sorry this is belated. I got a little blindsided by my big 5-0 next week.
As my son used to sing to me when he was a little sprout....Haffy Berfy to you. Haffy Berfy to you. Haffy Berfy to youuuuuuuu. Haffy Berfy to you.
Unknown said…
I'm a few days late, too -- happy belated birthday! I wish I were going to BlogHer this year so I could meet you. I would also take the required oath not to photograph you. Maybe we'll both be at another BlogHer in the future.
Elan Morgan said…
I missed your birthday! I hope it was delightful.