French radishes dipped in salt.
Collard greens with garlic and oil.
Summer dip.
Raw cabbage.
Cucumbers drizzled with lime.
Eggplant in miso.
Raw sugar snap peas.


afc said…
are you having a bottle of the bubbly too?!?! i decided it was required to properly celebrate #2 son turning 5 today.
Anonymous said…
Oh, YUM! I am going to the store for some radishes and sea salt. I'd forgotten all about how much I love that!

And bubbly--but of course! especially when you're celebrating #2's #5! Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy at ann's house...!

blackbird said…
and look!
it's 5:00 - I COULD DRINK!
tut-tut said…
Hey, I am! First morning tomorrow we don't have to BE anywhere.

that dip sounds delicious.
Saoirse said…
Speaking of food, I've been meaning to ask: are you still working on that cookbook? A while back you posted some photos of K's recipes--they looked delicious!

We JUST picked up a new grill (gas) to replace the one which (almost) blew up last year--I guess the REALLY mean it when they say if it doesn't light up immediately "wait 5 minutes before trying again." Can't wait to start doing all the outdoor cooking again.
blackbird said…
We are working HARD on that cookbook - I spent the morning typing recipes into the format today.
We've just added pulled pork and a few other dishes.
BabelBabe said…
I would find it so easy to be a vegetarian.
Carol said…
I'm so dumb - I didn't know that radishes could be French?!!
Anonymous said…
radishes with a hint of butter...okay a chuck of butter salt,and french bread.

I'll bring a fork and wome wine if I can join you?
Trina said…
Yay to the sugar snap peas! They remind me of when I was a kid and we had a real garden -- haven't had one since (garden, that is). We kids got the job of shelling the sweet peas and had to be told not to eat them all. I discovered the snap peas in the store about two months ago and bought some in celebration of spring. They taste like green.