top ten posts

I don't look at my stats as much as I used to.
I've cut down to three times a day. Four tops.

And because I'm off partying in the mountains (SHUT UP, there are mountains in Tuvalu), I'm listing my top ten posts instead of actually posting.

1. The story of my hair in its ever changing glory.

2. The Regina Spektor youtube video.

3. Report on the Spencer Tunick shoot.

4. Nan Kempner, rip.

5. Video watching one afternoon.

6. My best post ever.

7. The pop tart post.

8. A hospital post.

9. The palate expander debacle.

10. On vacation.


BabelBabe said…
how could you leave out the ode to your candle?
MizMell said…
Enjoy your vacation... we'll be fine.

(My top ten would all probably be recipes. I guess all others are just my ramblings...)
Anonymous said…
Thanks. Some day, I plan to read all your old posts from before I became one of your regular readers.
islaygirl said…
your airport post always makes me cry. brilliant.
Unknown said…
The airport post. Sob. Love this idea. Your posts are always so...perfect. Right amount of text to graphics. They make me feel comfortable.
alice c said…
I read your hair post for the first time - you have grasped the essence of what it is to be a woman.
I was reminded of a (female) journalist who commented after hearing of Princess Diana's death "My immediate reaction was to feel really sorry for her - she had finally found the right hairstyle - and then she died."
Emily said…
these are great. i've read quite a few of them before, but it was great to re-read them. and the new ones! loved it. thanks for listing these. :)