this post is not for my Christian readers

I recently had the pleasure of seeing Kathy Griffin in concert with my little breakfast club girlfriends.
We laughed our asses off.
Our asses are still somewhere in the concert hall...
I've been searching and waiting for someone to post a clip of the bit she did to close her spectacularly funny two hour act, and, finally, her television network posted it.
So here it is - the best part is the last segment about a phone call with her mom.
If you might be offended, don't click on the link - if you won't be offended, click and enjoy.


Carol said…
God dammit - that was hilarious! I love her and am very jealous that I am not a part of your breakfast club.

Oh - and pictures of the porch will come when the RAIN and SNOW stop. 94 on Tuesday...34 on Wednesday and Thursday. GOD DAMMIT. Son of a Bitch.
Badger said…
It's funny CUZ IT'S TRUE.

Speaketh she who is both related to and has dated the Roman variety Catholic(s).
Paula said…
Hey! maybe thats why I love to cuss so much.

Son-of-a-bitch! Yeah, thats right, Catholic school for six years baby!

You should see me make my head spin!
Anonymous said…
My Mom and I have a favorite....Jesus,Mary and Joseph and all the little saints!
Kathy Griffin makes me laugh out loud. I wonder what she thinks about Paris playing her "Get out of not pass go card"
BreadBox said…
Thanks for the link --- and it helped me discover that I get Bravo on satellite!

Now if Eddie Izzard would just return to not-quite-normal --- did anyone else catch him on the Daily Show and think that he seemed like just another A/B lister?

Anonymous said…
How should hear people around here. That IS funny.
MizMell said…
Kathy Griffin is a hoot... but so are your parents when they get into their seventies.
savvycityfarmer said…
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