thank god for the Urban Dictionary

I made the mistake of looking at Youngest's yearbook yesterday.
His friends have scribbled HAGS all over it.


Acronym: "Have A Good Summer"

Yearbook: "School year sucked --but HAGS!"


When you are so dirty that you give multiple STD's
1. Herpes
2. AID's
3. Gonorrhea
4. Syphilis

"At least I don't have HAGS!"

I'm pretty sure it's the first definition


Angela said…
Because of my constant quest for coolness, I believe I'm going to incorporate HAGS into my vocabulary.

Today at the doctor office, I shall look him squarely in the eye and proclaim, "Yeah! My arms are a little numb, but at least I don't have HAGS! See ya! HAGS!!!"
Sarah Louise said…
cackling. Kids these days. I remember my yearbook it was KIT (Keep in Touch) (Which we never did, so HAGS seems more to the point.)
Anonymous said…
Ah HA!
Thank you for the little lesson...I would have NEVER gotten it...
Badger said…


I would never have gotten that, because I'm a dumb adult and only kids are so clever.

Grumble. Now I'm going to spent the rest of today using important brain cells to try and come up with equally fun acronyms.
Caterina said…
Ha, WTF!

Acronym: "Way Too Funny"

Not the other WTF :)
tut-tut said…
Texting; what will they think up next? (wwttun)
Laura/PFG said…
oh blackbird...i miss you!!

i know i keep saying that, but every time my mind brings me back to you (well, my mind does, alot, it's just that my typing fingers don't coordinate well with the mind..), i STILL miss you.

you and your clever ways :)