While we were away, K and I stopped at a farm to buy some produce.
These places always draw me in and I want to buy everything I can get my hands on.
I've even brought back some country goodness for my mom.

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I don't know how much the hanging pots of flowers were, but they were enormous and beautiful.
We picked up some big fat tomatoes, some tiny strawberries, a smoked trout for K and half a dozen peaches.
Over the basket of peaches was a sign that read:
guaranteed to drip down your chin.

And it was true.



tut-tut said…
Looks like beautiful southern Vermont, western Mass, or Catskills. I'm so envious.
Anonymous said…
There is nothing in the universe as good as fresh, locally-grown produce. Yummmm.
Anonymous said…
What a relaxing scenery and all the goodies...yum.
How's cute Youngest?
KPB said…
This is the kinda place/thing that Chef and I are contemplating doing...

It's all very exciting.
MizMell said…
The tomatoes look marvelous!

I like peaches too though. We used to do a frozen drink with fresh peaches called a Peach Fuzz. They make you fell 10 feet tall and bulletproof.
alice c said…
What is that thing in the corner? It looks like a surveillance device...please don't tell me it's a breadmaker.