I'm sure it's bundles of fun to do those crafty swaps I've read about.
I'd love to be able to sign up for one of them, make something, send it away and wait for my surprise, but I have no real talent.
Sure, I'm good for advice or a little commentary, but chances are you aren't going to be thrilled with any of my handiwork.

After I moaned about wanting this and that (the Bensimons and the Nivea), I got a little brave and asked Irene about the shoes. I had hoped that Irene wanted something indigenous to Tuvalu so we could make a somewhat even exchange, and lo, she asked for two pairs of tiny jeans from Old Navy. I tucked in a trinket for Ms. Nam and bundled up the package.

After I sent it out I didn't give it much thought. Irene and I hadn't discussed shipping speed and Tuvalu no longer ships by boat.
I momentarily horrified her when I mentioned the way my Japanese parcels arrive - unbelievably beautifully wrapped, but assured her that her jeans and gift were only just put in the box.
She got her goods a few days later and mine arrived the next day.

beautiful pictures

Gorgeous French photos.


Candy for four boys.
Some Evian for me - and the Nivea, IN A TIN, just like I wanted.
Plus, the best Bensimons EVER.

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I cannot fully express my excitement.


MizMell said…
I had convinced myself that you actually were somewhere in Jersey and not actually living in Tuvalu. I saw a sign in one of your photos for New York Academy.
I did a bit of research and ascertained that the population of Tuvalu was around 10,000 and it is a beautiful, remote tropical environment that you only WISHED you lived.

Now, I'm confused again...
tut-tut said…
Aren't you the lucky one!

I'm sure the road to Tuvalu is circuitous indeed . . .
Mismell, don't feel bad. I've always assumed that Tuvalu is where BB wished she lived but that she was somewhere in the midwest. I'm confused too. :-)
Katy said…
I don't wish to rain on your parade of exotic packages, but the Nivea-in-a-tin can be procured at your local Walgreens for 99 cents.

And its awesome.
blackbird said…
There is NO Walgreens in Tuvalu!
Saoirse said…
I am SURROUNDED by a BLIGHT of Walgreen's stores: alas, NO TIN, much to my dismay! I love the shoes.
~ej said…
oh how wonderful, i love parcels.
and i love your wood floor :-) shoes too....
alice c said…
Do I have to own up? OK - so I am SO TRUSTING that I actually Googled Tuvalu because I was surprised that snow fell in the Pacific (see earlier post). I thought "perhaps Tuvalu is further north than I imagined". This was followed by a short period of time when I tried to relate the pictures of Youngest etc to the ethnic Pacific Islanders.

Personally, I think you should have a filter that gets rid of gullible readers to prevent anxiety and embarassment to people like me.
Caterina said…
I wanna swap too. So jealous.
halloweenlover said…
So fun! What wonderful gifts!
Anonymous said…
I'm glad, you can't imagine how much :)
Sarah Louise said…
swaps, crafty or not, is one of my favorite things about this whole bloggy venture. And I understand about no Walgreens--but they are now sprouting EVERYWHERE in da Burgh--maybe Tuvalu isn't too far behind?
Anonymous said…
I love Bensimons. They're hard to find, even in the Internet. I found a pair on pedlars.co.uk. A little pricey, about $80, with shipping to the U.S. But I wanted them bad. I also bid on a white pair on ebay.uk, but didn't win the auction.

Way to go. Great swap for both of you.