I love the Sundance catalogue.
I think I've told you that already.
It's my alternative lifestyle catalogue because we don't live in the mountains of Utah and our house and wardrobes look nothing like the settings in the brochure, but I can fantasize that they could.
I got the catalogue yesterday and went on an imaginary spending spree.


I'd buy this $24,000 trailer for Oldest. He has wanderlust and he could travel all over with this. It's got everything but a bathroom, but he doesn't mind truck stops. I wonder if he's claustrophobic?

And speaking of transportation -


isn't this a great bicycle?
Sure it's $1000, but this is a fantasy list.
Plus, it's a princess bicycle. Which works for me.

There are entirely too many bird decorations in the world.


Believe me, I appreciate birds as decorative objects but the decor world is getting carried away with them. That's a different post I guess.


I love quilts like this.
All that tiny stitching fascinates me, and I'm not a snob, machine quilting is fine.

I'd pick up a set of these bottles too -


I love the shape of them as well as the color.
Lined up on a mantle with one flower in each. Lovely.
I have some pretty bottles and I try to remember to move them around so we can enjoy seeing them.
This -


is an old seltzer bottle made into a pendant lamp.
It's only $395, so I'd buy two.

Gorgeous necklace.


It would highlight my eyes and reminds me of Indian bridal jewels...

bride I don't know

In my fantasy life I'd like to be an Indian bride.
Since I'm not, I'd buy this skirt -

skirt 1

Because it would look great with the necklace.
I don't think I could ride the bike in it though...


Laura/PFG said…
your post labels are too amusing.
jenny said…
I love that trailer. I stumbled across do-it-yourself plans to make one awhile back and while I would not be able to sleep in that thing without some serious anti-anxiety meds - I would love to just be able to pick up and go.
teaorwine said…
I received the catalog yesterday also. I love the bicycle and really want to order a wicker basket for my bike now.... so European!
robiewankenobie said…
oh, good heavens. now i'm wasting valuable laundry and dishes time scouring the web for teardrop trailers. what have you done to me?!
Alice said…
You MUST get the bike, remember the sartorialist LOVES bicycles. Don't you wish to be photographed?
Carol said…
Come to Utah - we have a Sundance outlet right in my neighborhood - I'm sure we could find SOMETHING to buy!!
Sarah Louise said…
Oh, I want all those things too!
I LOVE fantasy shopping. So easy, so fun, so very free.
Anonymous said…
I got the Sundance catalog a few days ago too. I tried to throw it away, but I couldn't. I still have it here in a bottom drawer in my desk, where I hope I'll forget about it, so I won't have to endure lusting after so much of the beautiful things in it.

But now you reminded me it's in that drawer--and given it's a rainy day here in the Land of Cheese, I think I will give myself over to it and lust away.

GG said…
love that bird where can i get it!
blackbird said…
Well, GG, in 2007 you could have gotten that bird in the Sundance Catalogue.
GG said…
in 2007 i m not even in US LOL