So we're sitting watching Arnold Schwarzenegger in Eraser.
He's just been booted out of a plane which has an engine on fire and he's plummeting toward earth without a parachute.
He manages to get to the parachute but it's hopelessly tangled.
Ack, I say to Oldest and K - it's our lives!
I reach to Oldest and say: Hold my hand until it's better...and he does.
Arnold gets the chute open and is safe - See, I say, it's always okay -
Nah, says Oldest as Arnold crash lands in a junk yard, look, there's always some shit.


Anonymous said…
Agree: It is always okay.
Really. It is. You're right; Oldest sounds like my son in law who I love dearly, but he tends to say things like that quite often.

I don't know whether he means it, that there's always some shit or that the other shoe will drop--or whether he wants me to challenge him, show him where he's wrong--and in so doing, make it okay, as always.

Old and young men need your hand as much as you need theirs.
In so many ways, they are always-- still and forever--boys, our men.

MsCellania said…
I'm noticing a glass-half-empty style in my Oldest, too. At SIX. If you comment "That's a lovely lake!" he will say "But look at those skeeters and I hope there's no snakes, Mom... "
I tell him to quite snatching misery out of the jaws of delight. But it's how He Is.
robiewankenobie said…
i think that it is always a wise idea to look to arnold movies for metaphors, and inspiration. wwad?
Paula said…
Que sera, sera...