my problem with J Crew TODAY

I like J Crew.
I do, really.
Their male models leave their shirts on, there are often 'older' couples in their photographs, the clothing is classic with a twist and the quality of their garments is, for the most part, good.
Clearly I am not their target audience, but there's no reason I can't purchase wardrobe staples from them - tee shirts, cardis...
And their wedding party/party party dress line is pretty nifty looking.
Not cheap (but often available on ebay), I'd consider one for a cocktail party or wedding.
Except for one thing:

We are about to attend our third wedding wherein I'd consider this:


but, MY GOD, imagine the horror of it if I showed up in this pretty dress and six other women were wearing it?

I'm thinking that future brides should add the line "the bridesmaids will be wearing J Crew" on their save the date cards.


Caterina said…
Ha! I'm not kidding, but that looks EXACTLY like my bridesmaid dress that I wore to my friend's wedding in Kansas City (a few years back), except mine was floor length.....and maybe mine had spaghetti straps....oh, um....forget it.

But really, I do like JCrew.
Anonymous said…
You would never ever and I mean ever find the things I had to wear as a bridesmaid at J.Crew. You wouldn't find them anywhere.

I don't know how the brides found them.

Bridesmaids look so much more adult nowadays. And they look like the bride isn't afraid of a little competition as she bounces down that aisle.

Back when I was forced into bridesmaid-hood, the dresses were the stuff of nightmares, and we all looked terrible, which I am sure was the point of all those ruffles and bows and PINK POUFS.

Clearly, I still have issues with bridesmaid dresses.
As far as that goes, I still have issues with being a bridesmaid. Or a bride-y bride. Or having a huge multi-thousand dollar wedding, especially a destination wedding which sends your guests into poverty...
etcetera. And so forth.

I'm on a harangue here:

I just think the whole pretending you're Princess Di thing when the divorce rate is 50/50 is a little weird.

If you make it to 40 years or so, THEN have the big party.

My brother-in-law says it's all bass ackward, the way we do it now, and I think he's right.

Hrumph and so there.

One little pretty photo from J. Crew and I come up with all this stuff.

Mea Culpa...but really.

blackbird said…
Such a post I could write about the times I was a bridesmaid...suffice to say, each time? I HAD JUST GIVEN BIRTH.
Badger said…
Cute dress, but I am totally confused by THE SHOES. Are they ... ballet flats with heels? Is she standing on her toes? Why the plaid?!

I think I need another drink.
VERY cute dress. You could do so many things with it and accessorize it so many ways. I was at a wedding once where the bridesmaids wore JCrew dresses and expressed their individuality through their choices of flip flops and tattoos.

I say, get the dress and don't worry about if you match the bridesmaids or not. Your flip flops and tattoos will be MUCH cuter. :-)
BabelBabe said…
i hate the neckline.

and i have never seen a bridesmaid that skinny.

and what the hell is the bouquet?

didn't jessmonster/jessalyn have to wear a brown j crew dress at a wedding she was in last year? I remember her posting pics and I liked it very much. But you are right - don't buy the bridesmaid dresses if you're not a bridesmaid - you know they'll be the same. - did i ever tell you my MIL and mom wore the same dress to my wedding? bought in different stores, three hundred miles apart, one in white (My mil, natch) and one in turquoise. thank god they weren't bridesmaids.
Jess said…
I certainly did wear a J Crew bridesmaid dress! It was delightful. It still is. I wore it again to a wedding on New Year's Eve. Espresso. Which brings me to my point of, if you know their color scheme, you could get a different color and accessorize and no one would notice. At least, I wouldn't.