Slept till 7:10.
Middle had no class and Youngest bargained a day off whilst a patient in the ER.
(Straight A's can bargain a day off.)
Had lukewarm coffee and a 'discussion' with Oldest.
Did two loads of laundry.
Ironed three shirts and a skirt with tricky pleats.
Called pediatrician, Youngest complaining of 'a hot throat.'
Put pants on and go with Youngest to pediatrician for 'hot throat.'
'Hot throat' turns out to be third case of thrush in six months.
Bring prescription to drug store.
Have prescription rejected by health insurance.
Make arrangements for prescription to have 'pre-authorization.'
Bring Youngest home.
Talk to K about 'big meeting' in town. Don't really understand 'big meeting' in town.
Email with Irene for a while.
Email with Marian for a while.
Brush hair and teeth and go to doctor's appointment.
Describe the events of the previous six weeks.
Get prescription for medication.
Bring prescription to drug store.
Have prescription rejected by health insurance. Purchase 5 tablets without insurance.
Make arrangements for prescription to have 'pre-authorization' and pick up Youngest's medication, now authorized.
Bring medication to Youngest.
Give Oldest a pep talk.
Talk to K, hear about meeting going very well. Still don't understand the nature of the meeting.
Take first tablet of medication.
Feel slightly less anxious.
Feel every possible side effect listed on the internet for this particular medication.
Sew patches on two more cloth grocery bags.
Drink lots and lots of green tea.
Throw together a dinner of barbecued sausage and orzo with feta and spinach.
Call drug store, my medication has been approved by health insurance.
Have a fabulous 'discussion' with Oldest.
See Middle for the first time.
Watch Scrubs.
Have an amazing conversation with Middle.
Eat chocolate mousse.
Listen to Middle and Oldest play their most recent song.
Go up to bed.
Check email.
Go to sleep.
Have the real estate dream.


MizMell said…
And I don't understand the nature of the meeting. Let me guess, K's job includes a transfer and that's where the real estate dream comes in!
Am I psychic??
Anonymous said…
The tone of your day, despite the different activities, sounds so much like mine yesterday, only I don't have a prescription for any kind of pills for ME. Anyway -- those really good discussions with one's boys can certainly brighten an otherwise, uh, challenging day. Hope your side effect disappear!
Alice said…
ooh, I watched scrubs too.
jenny said…
the real estate dream? not after all those pictures of what makes your house a home...
Suse said…
It is a full and rewarding life we mothers lead.
robiewankenobie said…
so what are you doing in your spare time? *ducks*
Saoirse said…
Yikes! I'm exhausted just reading this! You NEED to (and I don't know HOW you CAN do this) take a day or 2 for YOURSELF. Maybe once school is out, you can K and MAKE the time for a "calgon, take me away" weekend? I'd say "take it easy" but.....

Good thoughts going your way....
blackbird said…
saoirse -

K and I are going away to the wedding this weekend...
Saoirse said…
hmmmmm. while technically "away" I don't know if you'll get any serious "down time" on a wedding weekend. TRY to do so, if you possibly can!
Badger said…
Well hell. I was all set to blog about my day yesterday (swim lessons for the kids, day-long sensory overload meltdown by the boy, dead fish that needed replacing, the girl injuring herself to get my attention) and what I'm likely in for today (same as above but subtract the fish and add in a "bonus" taekwondo class) but. Uh. YOU WIN.

My WVW is okmfart. Swear to God.
Anonymous said…
OK. I should never complain. I'll try to remember this.
But, honestly? I was JUST complaining...sorry!
And in between all this, you whipped up some new living room curtains, made matching throw pillows, added a few knick knacks and then said, "Ha! Take that Martha Stewart!"

Just kidding. Do you ever nap?
alice c said…
So...another boring day at the office.
MsCellania said…
I'm crawling back under the covers just reading all this.
But have to say:
"bb, you are a great mother."
The end.
Anonymous said…
Any day, no matter how long and horrid, that contains "eat chocolate mousse" on the agenda cannot be deemed a bad day.

That said: "whew." And "do you hate the drugstore or what?"
KPB said…
I too have a penchant for experiencing every single side effect listed for whatever the meds may be.

And yay for great conversations with the offspring, straight As and chocolate mousse.
Anonymous said…
Paraphrasing KathyR's comment, any day that includes two (2!) amazing, fabulous discussions with two (2!) different offspring qualifies as a total success. Chocolate mousse was your reward -- congrats!
~ej said…
discussions are good, am amazed you either remembered all of this or made note of it to remember for later.
and sleep, sleep is good :)
Anonymous said…
I read it all, I swear, and the health insurance part touched a tender spot in my heart. but really, the thing that I remember most about this post?

"ironed a skirt with tricky pleats"

you are a GODDESS to me.
blackbird said…
And it's a LINEN skirt with tricky pleats!