a little trip

I’m sitting in the car at the foot of a rusty old bridge.
K is fishing in the river I hear below with his waders and vest and beautiful tin of flies.
Tiny bugs are swarming around the car so I suspect it’s a good time of the day for him to be out there.

We had a leisurely drive up here to the mountains, got some lunch and explored a bit before it was time to get dressed for the wedding.
It was a gorgeous day – but as it grew longer ominous clouds moved in over the hills.
Just as we were leaving the hotel it started raining and it became apparent that T and K’s wedding would have to be indoors.

We arrived at a spectacular location. A mountain lodge hugging the side of hill with decks overlooking the most awe inspiring views. Rain was falling, mist was rising and guests were assembled in a tall room with a stone fireplace. Several large Buddha statues sat serenely around us.

The groom was pensive.


Indoors or out? Would the rain continue?
It had all been decided for him. Chairs for the ceremony had already been set up in the pavilion. We were instructed to move there and we did and somehow ended up sitting directly behind the mother of the groom.


(I tried to take more photos but my camera was not set to silent mode and I quickly shut it off when I realized.)

It was a pretty ceremony with words for their parents and words for each other and a blessing of their hands and small jokes and knowing nods. T seemed nervous and choked up – he’s been a bachelor a long time. K seemed giddy with excitement.


The sun broke through the clouds, the rain stopped and clouds moved past the windows.
They walked up the aisle, newly married, to Johnny Cash singing Ring of Fire – which, we later learned, they had listened to 20 or 30 times during their first date.

The party was awfully good – the pavilion was reset as banquet hall and the view got better and better as the evening wore on.
We sat at a table of Producers. Several people knew K from previous jobs – I only knew the couple next to us who are, fortunately, our age, with three grown children.
We ate and drank and laughed and posed for pictures in the photo booth.
We watched two people start their lives together.

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I got compliments on my dress and many on my pedicure (blue).
And it was a long dark wind-y drive back to our hotel.

And now, while K is fishing, and I am going to try to take a nap.



KPB said…
He caught how many trout!?!

That location looks spectacular.

I meant to say earlier that I loved your dress and those shoes. Very Ooh La La.
MizMell said…
The area looks a great deal like my neck of the woods--the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Paula said…
Okay so WHERE was this wedding?! It looks like here.

And where is mizmell, because I live in where the Blue Ridge and the Smoky Mountains meet
Anonymous said…
That's a lot of trout to deal with...
Wedding sounded really nice and as one of our saying goes "Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata"...wet bride, lucky bride.
Wow, this really looks like Virginia! Beautiful!!!
Alice said…
14? I'm impressed... any for dinner? I'm sure you could do something amazing with it, even if it's just trout.
tut-tut said…
It looks very very beautiful. And cool. Which it isn't here.
Saoirse said…
Sounds like you had a nice day. I like that you and K do everything together--very sweet. I'm thinking of you in the car, just "being near" while he's fishing. I didn't have that with my first marraige--hoping to have it with the next (of course, I've yet to meet "the next" so I've still got some time to figure that out)!
Anonymous said…
Catch and Release folks.

(unless they're really big!)

Caterina said…
"(unless they're really big!)"
....ha! funny.

I love that shot of the bridesmaids holding hands. Like they're about to embark on something, which I guess they kind of are.

I, too, forgot to comment (on your other post) on how much I like your dress. Very nice.
Sarah Louise said…
Jennifer said…
Wow such an amazing view for a wedding. I love weddings :)