a little Etsy for thursday

First, I need to tell you all that I watched that bullshit Mark Burnett pirate show last Thursday night in an attempt to fill our Thursday evening Survivor time and was GRAVELY disappointed.
Hence, it will not be my summer standby and I am kicking around several other possibilities for our viewing pleasure including Creature Comforts, which we saw on Monday and LOVED.


Now. I thought I'd send us on a little Etsy spree today!
No, I'm not buying anything, yes, the site does overwhelm me at times, BUT I had a successful saunter through it yesterday (or the day before, can't remember now) and I'm going to show you what I would buy IF I were buying anything. Or something. Don't check my grammar right now.

This seems like a great hat -

linen hat

at a great price. You could wear it with ANYTHING. Of course I have a head the size of a pea, so I would guess I'd need to contact the maker with measurements, but YOU could buy it.

I've always wanted a set of these -


and I KNOW I can easily make them (or maybe not so easily)but these are $22!
That's cheaper than the aggravation and vintage material.


I would embellish 18 boring frocks with these 18 covered buttons. And I just might except I just had to order a bathing suit and it was a hundred dollars. (We won't get started on the bathing suit conversation right now, okay?)


Here's a pretty skirt. Not for me - not with my short waist, but for someone a little taller...
It's nice to buy things from people who make them themselves, so GO!

Finally, I think I'd like a wrist cuff.


I don't know if this is the one I'd choose, but I like it...

So, off with you! Go Etsy-ing!


Badger said…
Dude, Hell's Kitchen. Or, failing that, Top Chef. I can't believe you don't watch those already.
BabelBabe said…
you could definitely pull off that wrist cuff - tres cute.

but i have to tell you that i thought those buttons were condoms. little, brightly colored, cloth condoms.
MizMell said…
Why not make your own stuff? You never know what might happen...
Anonymous said…
I'm not so sure about that skirt.

It looks so much like the skirt of the bridesmade dress I wore at my sisters wedding. Except it was in a bright shining Christmas red.

And the top of that oh so bright Christmas red bridesmaid dress was a lot like the tee the girl is wearing over that skirt in the picture--minus the sleeves.

I knew for certain that my sister never liked me much when she chose a bright Christmas red itty bitty jacket to wear over the dress--not a bad idea the jacket, since it was December in the midwest--but the hood (oh yeah, it had a hood) was lined with that baraboo stuff? You know? The froo froo stuff that people like Zsa Zsa Gabor and Liz wear on high heeled slippers?

Thatstuff. The hood and the cuffs were all bright christmas red froo froo stuff and it was not cute. It wasn't pretty.
It wasn't charming.

I could hear the gathering whispering "They look like a row of unhappy Little Red Riding Hoods."

It went to resale 1 year later.

Anonymous said…
Lurve that skirt! I'm a sucker for big bows - just not on my waist or butt. When youngest sister had second youngest sister as her matron of honor, she had her wear a navy blue silk dress with a huge organza white sash and bow in the back (she wears a size two...). It was divine.
Emily said…
i LOVE etsy. love it.

and i am dying to hear about the swimsuit. :)
Anonymous said…
OK bb - I'm with you all the way until the wrist cuff. What's with the wrist cuff? Is it to hide an electronic tag?
blackbird said…
Alice C - it is. I'm under house arrest.
Badger said…
Bbabe: cloth condoms? Wouldn't those be ... p*nis cozies?
Suse said…
Ooh dear, no one will buy those buttons now.

Creature Comforts? As in the Aardman animals with their northern English accents? My favourite programme! Every Sunday night, right after that Robin of Locksley thing also with the northern accents. By the end of Sunday we're all saying ee by gum. Constantly.