I want to talk about this commercial for a minute.
First of all, if I was sitting in first class, I would not be drinking water with lime.
Secondly, my mom's reaction: WHY doesn't she just switch seats with the blond guy?
I LOVE the blond guy - I mean, I'm glad I'm not sitting next to him for hours on end, but he's great.
And finally, we, here in Tuvalu, believe this is a weak campaign.
It does not make us think of insurance, it makes us think of how we can't afford first class.

I was watching some television with my mom last night, you know, because it was Thursday.
We missed Jeopardy! which was a shame because I like to run into the kitchen and listen to it on the radio (the television is delayed a little compared to the radio) and shout out the answers microseconds before she can. Yeah. I cheat.
Anyway, we missed Jeopardy! and there wasn't much else on.
I tuned into a home improvement show in which people were showing off the renovations of their bizarro RV's. One woman rebuilt the inside of what looked like one of those ambulettes for only $400. She had built a lot of things from plumbers pipe.
Another fellow built a lovely home in an old school bus.
My mom's reaction: (burying her head in a pillow) I can't do this anymore.
So we watched some Seinfeld.

Today is Youngest's last full day of school.
He asked if he could burn his vocabulary book.
I let him go in yesterday (he has a viral infection in his chest wall thankyouverymuch) because he wanted to take the social studies final exam.
He got a 92.
I felt a little sad when I was making the last lunch of the year, but then I got over it.
Youngest has changed so much this year, he's really matured.
We are both anxious for him to have a growth spurt as he's still kind of short.

Middle lazes around, or is in town with friends.
I don't see him much.
He's got one more test next week.

And Oldest is working on a demolition crew. Did I already tell you that?
He seems to like it and comes home covered in dust.

I've got some running around to do.
I need to pack some things for wedding and write down phone numbers.
(Mom, don't forget to bring your instant coffee over.)

And what did I spy on the kitchen counter just now?
A very important paper that Youngest needed to bring to school today.
I guess I know what my first errand will be.


jenny said…
A celebratory school work bonfire? Sounds good to me. I will bring the book report kindling.
Paula said…
I hate to matter what class.
Anonymous said…
I missed a few days much going on my dear Bb.
I wish you a good weekend, filled with joy, love, laughter and relax.
Anonymous said…
um..what's with the spanish months on the side????
Anonymous said…
Youngest comes up with some interesting things! Here's hoping a summer of sun and sleep and play will heal him good.... and you too.

Anonymous said…
Jeopardy: Love it, as did my 100+ year old grandma, may she rest in peace.

School is out for us here, and I commented to one of my best friends that my son slept past nine today, as if he needed it. She told me that every year, after school has ended, her son sleeps in LOTS and GROWS...mega-inches every summer. Hmmm...and she's a teacher w/ a Master's degree, she must know, right? :-)

Let him sleep....perchance to grow.

Miss Jane