Kitchen Confidential

So, it turns out that I got a nice email asking if I'd review the Kitchen Confidential series.
Of course I thought it was spam at first, but, upon closer inspection, it appeared to be the real thing. And while they weren't offering me fame or fortune, they did sufficiently flatter me enough to lead me to believe I actually COULD write a review of the series....
Days later a dvd arrived and we sat down in the living room to give it a whirl.
The audience consisted of K, Youngest, and myself. I was a little leery as the show is produced by the Sex In The City team and I wasn't sure how I'd do with Youngest watching.
(Sex In The City has some very graphic language at times, sexually speaking.)
But it wasn't a problem!

I've got to tell you, we've only watched two episodes (it was after 9pm) but Youngest was clamoring for more.
It's adult funny, but not raunchy -
My husband didn't complain about the way it was shot and found it mildly amusing (he's not easily amused).
And I thought it was pretty good.

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It is for the 12 and ups as 'Jack' Bourdain does get caught in a few compromising positions, but there's no nudity or foul language.

From what I read on line, the show aired for a couple of episodes and then got pushed out for something else. We saw what was obviously the pilot and one additional episode, but I will be watching the rest of them later this week.

the crew

I liked most of the cast too -
The fellow on the far left steals the show as a sort of pirate of the kitchen. He's a trouble maker who steals and deals and he's cute to boot.
Sadly, Jack doesn't have the edgy quality that Anthony Bourdain has - but, hey, there's only one Anthony Bourdain and this IS a prime time television series.


Having read the book ages ago, I don't remember much (terrible reading comprehension scores) but I do know they must have had to smooth out his character a bit and they did a decent job of it.

The blond on the left is the ditzy hostess and she's not too ditzy so I didn't get annoyed with her and the blond on the right looks EXACTLY like our friend who is married to the famous chef. She plays the daughter of the owner of the restaurant.


I just like this shot of "Jack" holding a big fish.

It's slightly reminiscent of the BBC series, Chef! or Fawlty Towers, which we all like, but more accessible.
Sprinkled with mishaps: a missing fingertip - PULL ALL THE PLATES!
sexy women - She puts the ho in hostess...
and, of course, the temperamental chef - NOTHING SITS UNDER THE LIGHTS!
The edits are quick and funny, especially in the second episode. And though this may not make a difference to people who don't edit for a living, it makes a watchable show.
Plus there's some great kitchen lingo, and you know I love that kind of stuff - We've got a chew and screw at table seven, someone announces, and we learn it's a big group walking out on a check.

My verdict thus far?
A good Father's Day gift for a guy who likes sitcoms or loves food television.
He's a Lothario, that Bourdain, and the ladies are lovely.

I'll let you know how I like the rest of the episodes, but for $20 at Amazon, I don't see how you could possibly go wrong.


MizMell said…
Isn't Fred Savage the Wonder Years boy?
Paula said…
I enjoyed the show for the very short time it was on. It wasn't earth shattering but it was a pleasant wat to spend a half an hour.
KPB said…
We're getting the series on payTV here in Aus at the moment and enjoying it thoroughly, although I'm with you that the guy who plays Jack isn't edgy enough in terms of comparing him to the real deal.

There are some good chuckles - the virgin apprentice, the black market produce, the conquests.
Poppy Buxom said…
$20 at Amazon? But ... haven't you discovered the joys of Netflix?
Anonymous said…
Funny - we got it from netflix and watched it last night but couldn't get past the middle of the first episode when ditz-brain is telling the food critic to buzz off. Oy! Should we give it another try? Does it get better?

And congrats on being asked to review something! Whoo-hoo!
Anonymous said…
I love watching tv shows on dvd and saw this one at walmart for $20, so last week I bought it. I have watched all of it and I love it! I'm bummed that it is not on the air still.
motherbumper said…
I like your review - I'll have to catch this one (I'm looking for new summertime shows).
Anonymous said…
I Confess:
I had never heard of "Kitchen Confidential" until I read about it here a week or so ago, bb saying she's supposed to review it.

It must have been on when one of the Laws and Orders were on, in which case K.C. didn't stand a chance. I am a Lawn Order junkie.

Speaking of Lawn Order, and Fred Savage (some segue, non?), well, wow, I didn't know little Fred of "The Wonder Years" was a director. Goodness. Tempus Fugit.
The last time I saw Fred, he played a serial rapist on--yes--Lawn Order.

I knew I could tie them all in together if I tried real hard. Even on a Monday.

blackbird said…
Hey, Paula pbb -

why not email me so's I can respond to your comments?
cause I need to email with at LEAST three Paulas!
Anonymous said…
3 Paulas.
That's rather unusual.
Back in the day, as the expression goes lately, there was nary a Paula to be found anywhere.
I had a peculiar name. You have no idea how much I wanted to be a Susan. But no, I was Paula, a family name/derivative of my grandmother Pauline. And my Swedish mom had a friend in Sweden named Paula, pronounced something like Pa-ooooooo-la, but not exactly.

I made a grievous error by telling my (college) freshman roomie that my swedish relatives called me pa-oooooooooo-la and I was, of course, known as paooooooooooola for all my college years and yes, beyond.
Even now.

(Trish, if you're reading this you know I'm talking about nobody but you, mizpah.)

Anyway, I've been surprised at the amount of paulas you have here. One is southern (?I think?), one lives in gorgeous Italy and spells the name with an "o" and it looks exotic, and me--paoooooooooooola.


But YES I will email you! Unless you're going to take me to task for writing too much in my replies which I do, I know, but I've always been such a talker...
a personality flaw that is impossible to correct.

#3 paula

tut-tut said…
yes, you need Netflix per PB above. A GREAT invention.
Suse said…
Oh Paula(s), believe me, you would not want to be called Susan.

Every second girl child born in the 60s was named Susan. It was teeeeedious. We had to be differentiated by prefixes, such as Big or Little or Tall. Or changed to Suzie or Sue or Suzanne or ...

(I spent my entire teenaged years answering to the call "Little Sue". Ick ick ick).
Allison said…
Oh, A. Bourdain is my pretend husband, even though I'd probably want to kick his ass after an hour!

I will now make that picture my desktop background, replacing a collage of characters from "Star Blazers" (I was reliving my youth).