I've changed my mind

I don't think I am wearing the black trousers and the Anthro top to the wedding today.
I think I'm wearing this dress -

dress 1

which K gave me for Christmas.
I was feeling badly about wearing trousers to a wedding and the dress is very me and it goes nicely with my linen jacket, which is good as it's been chilly here.


I don't wear the belt with the dress though. I makes me look too Mamie Eisenhowerish.

<span class=
It's a trap I can fall into, the Eisenhower trap.

I wear it this way -


I like my collarbones in this photo. But not my neck.

bottom of dress

It works with my new shoes too.


Of course I'm bringing the other outfit too.
Because I could change my mind. Again.



tut-tut said…
What's wrong with your neck? It all looks good.
MizMell said…
Yes, very very fascinating.

The dress looks comfy.
Paula said…
I like the juxtaposition of the outfit and your blue toe polish.

Sort of a Roy Orbison-ish homage...black and blue, the color of loves bruises.

You know I'm just messin' with you, you look lovely. In a totally non-mamie way!
MsCellania said…
I am simply REJOICING that your toes are not hanging over the soles of your shoes.
As these days? Many an otherwise stylish woman suffers this fate. I keep waiting for reports of tragic deaths "Woman Tragically Trips Over Toes and Dies; Manolo Blahniks Survive."
Anonymous said…
Really cute!
Finger crossed...but please, relax.
BabelBabe said…
gosh, you're adorable.

and your neck is fine.

have fun!
RW said…
the dress is quite lovely on you.

you do have some good collar bones.

enjoy the wedding.
Saoirse said…
you look great! Collarbones, neck dress, shoes, and BLUE toenails! And I am SO in agreement with Mscellenia--what IS it lately with the hideous "toe overlap" thing that is "spreading" the shoe-world by storm??

Again, you look mahvelous!
AMY said…
The dress looks classy and comfy. Those shoes are gorgeous. I keep looking at a similar pair in red, and my toe nails are painted the same color.
The outfit's great and I'm sure you have some fab bling bling in mind too.
Alice said…
I think you look pretty.

Oh, and go back to sleep, posting at 5:45 is ridiculous.
alice c said…
Well, I think that outfit is pretty sassy. And if I had great ankles like that I wouldn't be hiding them under trousers.
robiewankenobie said…
of course you would have the perfect shoes to go with it...
Sarah Louise said…
very nice and non Mamie. Love the blue nails!!
Anonymous said…
You, the dress, the shoes, all look LOVELY. But please don't wear that jacket with it---it will "dumpify" you!

Have a fantastic trip.

signed, Sartorialista
blackbird said…
Jacket not needed - my pashmina was perfect...
~ej said…
beautiful dress, love the blue polish!! :)