I just want to hug him

I never watch these shows.
But this has been floating around the internet and I love it.


Paula said…
When I saw him on television his singing brought me to tears.
Unknown said…
I'm going to preface this with the fact that I love opera. But this clip brought me to tears. I had chills and I just felt tears rolling down my cheek as I watched it. Thank you, BB, for posting this. Now THAT is a guy with talent. A diamond in the rough indeed.
Anonymous said…
Third time watching that and third time crying like a fool.
I loves me an underdog I do!
tut-tut said…
Let's stop judging people by the way they look, shall we (especially you, ms judgette of Pop Idol)? It's so refreshing to see someone who is getting along, but going against the grain to express his art, no matter what.
Anonymous said…
Oh wow.
Thank you bb. I hadn't seen this before, and it's a precious gem.

Like everyone else, I got chills, and like everyone else, I puddled up into tears.

After you've hugged him, I'd like to be next.

You've got to love him.

KPB said…
A friend emailed this to me on Friday and I came over all gooshy.

I think the expectation that he's going to be awful and then, that first note, when you just know he's going to be breathtakingly brilliant, is what just grabs you and makes you want to eat him on toast.

There's another one of a 6 year old girl, missing her two front teeth, who sang Somewhere over the Rainbow - unaccompanied, and had similar effect.

I'd post it but have no idea how to embed it in my blog.
robiewankenobie said…
there has been some argument on the internets regarding his talent in comparison to fancy schmancy trained singers. too much of an aria for him, they say...not enough of the important bits...we don't think he really understands what he's singing.

all i can say? is that all of that posturing is moot.

this guy, the one that sings his heart out to the radio, and tries to explain his dreams to his friends...this guy takes a chance...

and beauty exists for a few precious moments.
Sarah Louise said…
Wow. That's all I have. Wow.
alice c said…
Paul Potts can sing.
Daniel Craig can't.
It's a tough choice - don't rush me.
Anonymous said…
Very very nice indeed.
He must have some kind of training, that is probably THE MOST difficult aria to sing BUT never the less...WOW.
Anonymous said…
OK, well, now you have to let us know whether or not he wins.
Karla May said…
I hadn't seen this before. It totally got chills.
~ej said…
i heard about this but i was happy to see and hear it finally! i think he's lovely, brave and what a wonderful voice.
Laura/PFG said…

just saw this, reposted the vid in my blog, found this article, and thought of you :)
blackbird said…
Great link, Laura -
but I've lost track of your blog
and email!

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