herbs and pictures

To town with my sweetheart.

basil use

So. Much. Basil.


The staff, before. Before being sold for 4.1 BILLION dollars.

that's no lady

I like to call this one That's No Lady, because it was not, in fact, a lady.

And I call this one

<span class=

Jewish Bus With Wry. You know, like ham on rye? I'll shut up now.

old <span class=

A great looking old Honda -

And speaking of great looking, there were plenty of well dressed women in town yesterday...

she looked great

she looked great too

she also looked good

<span class=

I think the one above must be Boden - don't you?

<span class=

We bought two huge rosemarys, a good size heirloom tomato plant, and some thyme.

chefs 2

Sightings of chefs were not uncommon.


Sightings of musicians was uncommon.

Before leaving for home I managed to score a super cheap pashmina...

cheap <span class=

Look! It's Dolce & Gabbana!


Laura/PFG said…
it's been so long!! i keep leaving you, and then i come back for a glance and wonder HOW IN THE HECK I COULD EVER DO THAT!??! ..

Saoirse said…
MYSTERY SOLVED! I could not remember how I "found" you or this blog. Today, when I opened this up, on the left side where the flickr picture are, was a picture of hydrangeas. Eureka! I remember, around this time LAST year, I was doing a google search for hydrangea pictures and up popped say la vee and that very picture in a post. Alas, my hydrangeas are not as lush--I lust for the deep blue but have only been able to keep them white. Anyway, MY mystery is solved and I thought you'd be interested in what brought me here. What KEPT me here as a regular reader has been your wonderful writing, amazing attitude and beyond beautiful photos.
blackbird said…
And those are the hydrangeas of a movie star...they aren't even mine...

nice to have you here in any event!
Paula said…
Y'all dress much nicer when you go to town than we do here. We're very, VERY causual aroun' here.
Badger said…
How come that whole long shirt/short pants thing makes you look cute as a button and makes me look like some sort of mental patient? Huh? HOW COME?
MsCellania said…
Ah, there you are, up there with Thyme on your hands - looking like a stylish City Girl, yourself. And yeah; I would look like Little Bo Peep with Bosom in your outfit!

I am getting a fresh cup of coffee to sit down and savor your last 2 entries. Ahhhhhhh. And I'm back up.
Unknown said…
I love your outfit, too, although such an ensemb would not work on me. Like Badger, I think I would end up looking somehow demented.

Love the little red wagon for toting purchases, too!
Anonymous said…
You certainly do wear that outfit well--I wish I could, but I could not pull it off. Not a chance. My h. wouldn't stop laughing at me and then I'd have to put him out of my misery, which would land me in prison where they'd put me in an orange jumpsuit.
Orange is not my color.

But you wear it well.

I am definitely envious.

Oh-love what I can see of your hair. You inspired me to cut mine short-short last week. Like Jame Lee Curtis, sort of. I love it. It's a silvery blond, more silvery than blond lately--I just love the cut. I can't imagine dying it anymore.
And the haircut inspired me to go to the Big City and pick up a couple pair of jeans that really fit the way I like them, to heck with the farm community/farm&fleet crowd in my little rural town--so I got 3 pair of those Not Your Daughter's Jeans.
And they are amazing.
Best thing since...I don't know. They're just amazing.

Also: like paula, above, said: you all sure do get dressed up to go to town. Baggy walmart jean/shorts and Green Bay Packer oversized tees and a baseball cap are the thing to wear all summer long around here...


Anonymous said…
My, you are cute and chic all at once. I want that outfit.
Anonymous said…
I want that pashmina. Now. Immediately. If you don't give it to me I am going to lie on the floor and drum my tiny little feet on the tiles.
And the yellow handbag.
And the sassy haircut.
And the Tuvalu lifestyle.
In fact I have had a bad attack of covetousness this morning.
MizMell said…
If you have secrets for keeping that rosemary alive, please share.

I absolutely love thyme, basil and oregano and grow all three.
Anonymous said…
You look stunning, and K too!
D&G...HA HA HA HA !!!!
Anonymous said…
I love how the chef is wearing her apron. Like she doesn't even think about it. Why take it off? It will just get lost.

It's how I feel about my tiara. Hence, I wear it always.
Anonymous said…
I love the way you dress. I need to take lessons from you.
tut-tut said…
Great calf muscles all around.
Allison said…
What city is this? Is it my beloved Boston? My sort-of beloved East Coast-accent-giver of Philadelphia?