the gift

This weekend, K and I will attend the wedding of T and K.
T worked as my K's Coordinator/Production Manager for a few years, that's how we know him, and we've never met K.
We will travel a couple of hours and stay overnight and be grateful for time alone, and I expect we will have fun. (We will know only one other person there: J who has worked with my K and T.)

And this brings me not to the outfit (black Dana Buchman trousers, Anthro blouse, peep toe platform wedges, super cheap pashmina), but the gift.
They are not registered anywhere that we know of (and I don't always like registry for people you don't really know), we have no idea what their lifestyle is like (are they outdoorsy/kayak/hike kind of people?) or what their home looks like (I know where it is, but have no idea if they are overstuffed sofa people or post-modernists.).
So the gifting poses some dilemmas.
Happily, the internet exists.
I think the key in gifting situations like this is to send a beautiful object, and be done with it.
If the couple don't like the object - if it is not their taste or doesn't sync with their home, they can return it and we will be none the wiser.
I used to send a bowl from Tiffany to marrying couples, but I'm bored with it.
The last couple we sent a gift to but didn't know was registered for a lot of martini stuff - I sent all of it and would have been delighted to send along the liquor too.
But this time I suspect that the couple has a developed sense of style - I don't know a thing about the bride save for the fact that she is a lawyer doing wonderful work. The groom is a few years younger than we are and is a film guy - that's really all I know. My point is, after your twenties and possibly even your thirties you tend to adapt your surroundings to suit you -
younger couples sometimes fall into the trap of liking everything they see without thinking too much.

Wedding gift options:

ceramic pug on velvet

Oh! Upon re-reading the copy I have discovered that this is actually a lamp!
With "a touch of macabre" as it has human hands with painted nails. Apparently, the pug barks when touched. I suppose this would provide a sense of surprise.
Its maker says: it is possible that – apart from the visual perception of shape, color and motion – the beholder might even also discover hitherto concealed elements of irony, unfamiliarity and a touch of psychology too. That's a lot of bang for the buck.
Sadly for T and K, it's $4595, which is not in my price range. Available here.

Imagine receiving this?

model house

It's a model of the Ca' D'oro Palace in Venice. It's a heck of a thing, isn't it?
Made of plaster, lead, bronze and gold leaf it would be stunning in the corner of a living room.
I wonder how large their living room is? It's only 12 x 14 inches...
and it has turquoise glass windows. Damn. It takes ten to twelve weeks to deliver and it's $1250. (I'm linking in case you want to send it to ME.)

Middle chooses this set of plates.

skull plate

And I agree, one does need to be reminded of their mortality at every meal.
But they just aren't doing it for me...

tank u vases

What can I say?
These are called Tank U vases.
As in: Tank U for inviting us to your wedding. I guess.
They are at Unica too - if you want them.

wedding couple

At least this is appropriate.
But why a goose?
It's a 1 x 8 inch diorama of a wedding couple by a German jewelry designer.
Do you think those are train set people?
I'll bet they are...
Sheesh, it's $360.

I was shopping in the wrong place all along... I needed to be here...

I had this sent to T and K.

rose bowls

A set of 7 nested bowls inspired by the opening of a fragile white rose. Hand pinched porcelain with a creamy white glaze. Each set is unique, one of a kind. A great gift alternative to sending a dozen ephemeral white roses.

rose bowls2


After I placed the order I got this email -

Your gift of a nested rose bowl was made by my hands for your special friends K and T. I placed them in their special wooden box... wrapped them up and tied them with ribbon added your wishes in a handwritten note on a nested bowl gift card sealed in an envelope. I loved making them,
All my best

I find myself liking Nancy very much - and can only hope that T and K like her work.


RW said…
Indeed- how can they not love them! The bowls are quiet lovely.

I will spend some time perusing Nancy's site.
Paula said…

They remind me very much of the beautiful hand-built porcelain I spent the weekend with and am in fact writing a post about.
Anonymous said…
perfect gift! those are gorgeous...
Anonymous said…
although i really like the doggy lamp.
Anonymous said…
it's beautiful bb.

now if I told you what we got at our wedding you'd be outraged.

(think toothbrushes)
tut-tut said…
I would be very pleased indeed to receive such a gift. How do you find these sites?
BreadBox said…
A beautiful gift indeed.

Of course, when LOML and I were wed a few years ago (our second and first such ceremonies, respectively) we were well into middle ag^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H second youth: and had just about everything we could wish for, except for really expensive things (think house remodelling!) so we asked for nothing: some got us things, nice things: for which we were and are grateful, but at the same time, what we really wanted was people to come and help us celebrate. (Of course, we did try to tell people this, so that they didn't feel obliged to try to get us something!)
BreadBox said…
And I especially like Nancy's extra touch! It makes me want to run out and buy some wedding gifts from her!
Badger said…
Well. I think that is just lovely. I have a thing for bowls, though. As you know.
BabelBabe said…
Those are perfect, absolutely gorgeous -I would have been delighted to receive them. MUCH BETTER than, say, a t-shirt (ONE t-shirt) with the likeness of the half-naked gift-giver silkscreened on it. (No, really. I still have it some where.)
Kassi Gilbert said…
I think that this is a wonderful gift! How beautiful.
Unknown said…
Truly lovely.

It makes me almost wish I had a wedding to go to... or perhaps a wedding of my own, so someone could give them to me.
Alice said…

I hope the Middle gets to help you decorate in the future... his taste is impeccable.
Anonymous said…
I love them - they are beautiful - but what I really, really, really want is the Rare Earth Bowl. I want it soooo much.
Caterina said…
Damn, that is the perfect wedding gift. I wish I woulda invited you to my wedding. Doesn't it feel good to find such a perfect gift?
Priscilla said…
I too have a THING for bowls and I just can't imagine NEEDing another set. Until now. Thanks a lot!

Wow! They are just so beautiful. Good Job!
Anonymous said…
wow! that's a great gift! i have a feeling we will not be getting gifts quite so fine at our wedding! i'm guess we'll get things like liquor flasks and 20 dollar bills and microwaves. blah.
islaygirl said…
omg, i LOVE those bowls. i have a nesting bowl ... problem (don't ask me how many sets i have) and i would gladly trade them all for these.
Anonymous said…
oh the greatness of the internet!
That is beautiful.
Wow for the dish.
Julia said…
Geese or ducks are sometimes included in German weddings as symbols of long marriages, as they mate for life. But I love the bowls too, quite gorgeous.
Sarah Louise said…
I have to buy a wedding gift! The wedding is tomorrow! Good thing about registering at Bed Bath & Beyond, but I do love what you got them...