end of the school year open letters

Dear Ms D:

Thank you for letting me go on that little rant that day, about Middle. Look! He's really fine!
Thank you too for giving me a little nudge before a teacher needed to call. It's true, I'd rather hear from you. I hope you have a wonderful labor and delivery in August, but I have to warn you: don't EVEN THINK about quitting. There's no way I can do junior year and all that college prep crap without you.


Dear Ms S:

Your help this year with Youngest was invaluable. I wish he could meet with you weekly over the summer, and I think he probably feels the same way. If Ms D decides to vacate her position up at the high school do you think you could just move up there with Youngest?

Enjoy your summer,

Dear Middle School Nurse:

I'm sorry I never learned your name. Thanks for being there with the inhaler and the soft touch and especially for that day when you sent both of us home with a hug. I truly appreciate having you there.
And, again, sorry about the whole name thing...


To The Woman Who Sits At The Front Desk:

Hi! it's me, crazy Mrs. B, with the kid in blue 7.
Thanks for getting the trumpet/homework/inhaler/shorts/textbook/homework/collage to Youngest!


Attention Security Guards At The High School:

You're kidding, right? with those blue windbreakers?
Also, Middle was NOT a junior this year, so he never should have been 'allowed' off campus.
Forget it...
he never got into any trouble anyway.


Dear Adorable Night Call Lady:

I've enjoyed our chats this year. Are you really 88? I've been working on reminding Middle to punch in and out during his band periods and it seems to have worked - so, while I hope never to hear from you again, I would like to say that you do your job of calling parents regarding 'cuts' with real charm and verve.
Keep up the good work.


To My Favorite Crossing Guard:

Thanks for keeping my kids from being hit by cars.
Put your feet up!



Paula said…
Oh God, I get all itchy just thinking about the college prep crap.

Like a bad flash back.

Badger said…
Are Ms S and Ms D school counselors? Because the worst thing about my boy child moving up to middle school next year is that he will no longer have our beloved Ms R as a counselor. She's like 85% of the reason he even MADE it to middle school.

(The new counselor is supposed to be good, though. And in fact, I already kind of know her because her daughter and my girl child were classmates/best pals this year. But still, oy.)
Anonymous said…
Thank you for writing those letters. I need to do same.
MizMell said…
It's always nice to let people know they're appreciated (even if you don't know them by name).
Saoirse said…
OMG! I only have one kid (now in college) and I NEVER wrote a letter to teachers at end of the year (bad parent hall of shame)!

With the exception of an e-mail I sent out a few months ago to my son's former HS guidance counselor. We were both literally holding our breaths as he walked across the stage to get his HS diploma. I e-mailed him thanking him for his support in not giving up on kid (some, majority of teachers had--not blaming them, just mentioning it) and for pushing him, along with me, to not give up, academics-wise. Just thanked him again and advised him son made Dean's list at college this year!
Saoirse said…
And, BY THE WAY, you could hardly ever be accused of RANTing--quite the contrary. You tend to "gloss over" any negative stuff!
alice c said…
So you haven't had to write a letter which starts
"Thank you for NOT punishing my son when he was found in his girlfriend's study at 9pm."
Which is what I should be doing.
tut-tut said…
Seems a good team is working with your boys, and that's a really really good thing.
Anonymous said…
Dear School Nurse,
I'm sure you're a delightful person, but you need a little training in a) knowing the difference between hives and chicken pox, and b) understanding when a certain young man is faking that stomach ache. Especially when it's the fifth or sixth time.