Dove products are taking over my house

I was checking something at the Dove website - I don't remember what it was (isn't that always the way?) when I made an important discovery.
They were asking me what Dove products I've tried in the past, so that they could send me a free sample of their newest deodorant, and I realized that we are awash in Dove products - AWASH I TELL YOU.

shampoo and conditioner

Youngest is very fond of the cool moisture line.
He uses the shampoo and conditioner...

Cool Moisture Body Wash

and the body wash...

Cool Moisture Body lotion

and the lotion, AND the hand soap.

hand soap

He smells lovely and is well moisturized.

K uses this bar soap.

Body bar

He's sensitive. Also, he doesn't like smelling like fig or lavender.

facial cleansing cloths

I used to use these. I was kind of meh about them. I didn't like throwing out a little, wet paper towel after my shower, and I had to remember to bring one INTO the shower with me each morning.
So, after I used them up and put my razor cartridges in the little box in the closet, I switched to this stuff -

foaming face wash

Pro-Age foaming cleanser.
I have some problems with this product.
First of all, it doesn't foam. I don't know what they are talking about with the whole foaming thing.
No. Foam.
And, secondly, I think it's drying my skin and it's not supposed to.
Sadly, it will take me MONTHS to finish the tube.
SIDENOTE: am I alone in this? does it take EVERYONE months and months to finish tubes of cleanser, bottles of shampoo, and jars of cream?

They sent me my deodorant, the Dove people.
(A free sample, anyone can order it, not for review.)

Although my stress level is easing, it's got a tough job ahead of it.
I'll keep you posted.


Sarah Louise said…
Is Dove the one that is promoting real women, real beauty and using real women, not models? Cuz I think that's cool. I think in a fit of "ack, too many bills" I switched to the Target brand version of Dove shampoo. But I do like Dove.

AND I LOVE the chocolate.

nuff said. IT'S FRIDAY!!!!
BabelBabe said…
crazily enough, apparently people donate half-used bottles of shampoo and stuff to the Goodwill (insane in itself), and then the thrift store SELLS them. so...
Or how about this - throw out the product that is drying your skin!

Middle Aged Moms unite against the aging effect of dry skin! (is it ageing or aging? The latter doesn't look right.)
Anonymous said…
Are the makers of Dove soap and Dove chocolate the same????
We do have the soap but not the chocolate over here and both I and hubby use Aqua Cool for men, really nice.
Alice said…
I used Dove (soap) when I was younger and then thought I needed to go away and have some sort of FANCY soap but went back because it's just THE BEST for us sensitive types.

Oh, and the deodorant, no irritation there after shaving... you'll love it.
Unknown said…
Alice is totally right about the no irritation after shaving with the Dove antiperspirant. LOVE it!!

I never realized how delicate & sensitive my armpits apparently are until I made the switch. Is that weird?? Hope I'm not over-sharing...
Badger said…
They send me crappe for free, you know. Neener neener.

LOVE the deodorant. And the Energy Glow self-tanners.

The cleansers? Not so much. They are very drying.

The girl child has developed an allergy to the shampoo and conditioner, which I bought for her in the first place because she is allergy-prone and they are supposed to NOT DO THAT.

Oh! I also love the hairspray.
Sarah Louise said…

some of that stuff is actually cast offs from Target, who donates unsold stuff to Goodwill.

Anonymous said…
Pro Age - PRO AGE! What the hell is Pro Age? As a person who JUST turned 50, I'm just not sure what PRO AGE means. I thought only AARP stuff was PRO AGE!
By the way, isn't that Sundance bike the same one that Margaret Hamilton rode around on at the begining of The Wizzard Of OZ?

Sorry, just a rant...
Anonymous said…
Yes. Shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, everything but my favorite concealer lasts for-fricking-ever.

And I'm pretty sure I have some conditioner under the sink that is older than Dakota Fanning.
Anonymous said…
I like Dove soap pretty well, the lotion smells nice, but found the shampoo and hair gel to be perfectly dreadful - made my hair flat and lifeless... Neutrogena to the rescue.

Caterina said…
My little guy had gotten a heat rash, and what do you think the pediatrician recommended? DOVE. Supposedly excellent for sensitive baby skin :)
Anonymous said…
just a question about your web blog title, is it supposed to be the phonetic sounds of the french saying, or do you not know that it's said - C'est la Vie?
blackbird said…
- it's not SAID c'est la vie, it's SPELLED C'est la vie. IT'S SAID SAY LA VEE.