Dan made me do it

After reading The New York Times Magazine's T Travel Questionnaire, Dan decided that he (a) was worthy of answering the questions, and (b) will never be worthy of the magazine actually asking him to do it. So he just filled it out. And, now, so have I.

What was your first passport stamp?
Before I was a grown-up I traveled to some places that now require a passport, but, in my adult life, France was the first stamp on my passport. We stayed in Provence and Paris.

Is there a tourist trap you actually love?
Not that I can think of - but I do love factory tours. And many might consider the Cape a tourist trap.

Favorite hotel?
Probably this one. This was our room.

I'm rather fond of The Four Seasons.

Carry-on or check?
I never travel lightly. Many outfits. Check please.

Beach or mountains?

What's one unusual travel item you always travel with?
Prayer beads.

Favorite airport pastime?
Arriving ridiculously early and drinking.

First class next to a crying baby or coach in total silence?
Tough one - depends on how long the flight is. First class with my iPod.

If you were a boutique hotel, which one would you be?
One of my own design. On my favorite island. 20 rooms, white modern furniture, very spare, on the beach.

When I travel I allow myself to _________?
Take naps.

What travel related job would you least like to have?
Flight attendant.

When your final day arrives, in which hotel would you like to die?
Why does it always have to be about death? SERIOUSLY.


Unknown said…
Can you make that hotel? I'd travel there...
Anonymous said…
I always get to the airport ridiculously early too. I should add the drinking part next time.
Sinda said…
Amen to going like Tibor.
Anonymous said…
Places that you need a passport for now??? Such as... The Statue of Liberty? Bloomingdales? San Francisco? Utah? Where are these mysterious places that you were smuggled into as a child.
blackbird said…
There are two Alices here, right?
Lady Alice of Ct, and another Alice?

Well, person who I think is not Alice of Ct., as a child I roamed freely for weeks places like Jamaica, Mexico and Canada without ever having a passport, for example.
That's not allowed anymore.
Anonymous said…
In which hotel would you like to die??

You're sure right: why does everything have to involve death?

And anyhow:
I don't want to die in a hotel.

Imagine the publicity.


MizMell said…
Why does it always have to be about death? Because you're getting older and that's the next biggie...

When you were young, it was about going to college or getting married. After that, it was all about starting a family.

I guess it should be all about retirement instead of death, now that I think about it.
Anonymous said…
Sorry - as well as not being (Lady) Alice (of Ct) I am an ignorant European who knoweth nothing of passport laws Stateside. We need ours all the time because we live in such small countries that we have to go through border controls to go to the supermarket.
The lesser Alice
blackbird said…
hey, hey, Alice C -
no Alice is a lesser Alice over here!

I'm just trying to keep track of people and certainly meant no offense.
Anonymous said…
No offence taken - any way I would rather be Alice the Lesser than Jude the Obscure or Juana la Loca.
It sounds as though you had rather an exotic childhood - I am very envious.
Caterina said…
Being raised down here in the subtropics, we would travel to the Bahamas as if they were our next door neighbor, without even so much as knocking. I'm pretty sure you need a passport to visit there now.
blackbird said…
That's what I'm saying...

yes,um, weeks in Jamaica, having been pulled from school...it was exotic.