bridge and nest

nest 3

All my boys are home.
Last week was a barrage of driving - tests, meetings, parties, graduations to be played at.
We all feel scattered and I'd just as soon have us in one place for a little while with no outside obligations.


We have few concrete plans for the summer.

k and cairn

But first and foremost we need to do the things we want to do...


And see where time takes each of us.


Anonymous said…
And see where time takes each of us.
That's the sentence I was looking for. I like it.

And the rust on the bridge supports--what are they called?-love that one.

You have no way of knowing this but you took a picture of my worst phobia in my entire life, and I think it would be everyone's phobia if they stopped and thought about it: bridges over water.

They scare the **** out of me, and they always have, ever since I can remember.

Especially those bridges over the Chicago River in Chicago that opened up to let tall boats go through.

I feel faint.

tut-tut said…
Very nice post. I've been thinking about time today, too; seems just last year we were gearing up for 4th grade but it seems it's 10th this year. who knows where the time goes? (does anyone remember Sandy Denny?)
alice c said…
I found this so poignant. There is a nest so carefully built, with such solid walls to keep out the wind and the rain. And what are those baby swallows doing? Sitting on the edge, looking outwards, ready to fly away. Grab onto their ankles - don't let it happen.
Anonymous said…
I assumed it was a wooden bridge.
What kind of bridge was it?

{smile to smart alice bb}


ps: I remember Sandy Denny. And I've got a wonderful recording of Judy Collins singing that Denny song in her silky voice.
Beautiful. Poignant. Memorable, like Sandy Denny.