words and pictures not related

Remember when I wrote movie reviews? or wine reviews?
For someone who isn't really a mommy blogger I've certainly been writing about my kids lately.

I met the lovely Kilowatthour yesterday.

scotch moss

Scotch moss, which I need to plant in my entire back yard.

She had that distractedness about her that pregnant women sometimes get.
I could tell that she was engaged and interested in our conversation but that her brain was screaming: BABY! YOU ARE GROWING A BABY AND MUST PAY LOTS OF ATTENTION TO EVERYTHING YOUR BODY IS FEELING.
Those of you who have grown babies will understand what I mean.
I liked her a lot but I do have to say, it's a difficult thing meeting bloggers.
Kilowatthour and I don't really have anything in common aside from the fact that we are bloggers. Oh, and she went to medical school near where K and I grew up.
And it's not really KWH's meeting of which I speak...(though it was nice! and fun!)


Rosemary, which K and I adore and kill every year.

No - it's meeting any blogger. I think a lot about what to wear and how I will seem - I'm sure my speaking voice is a disappointment. I imagine it could be depressing for people to realize that I am no more profound or interesting in real life than I am here.


Don't these look sort of poisonous?

I guess I'm mulling it over because I am outing myself at blogher.
Days on end of being the witty fashion avatar you all know I am.
I'm bringing fifty three outfits.
(Note to Poppy: I'll need a room with plenty of space for my wardrobe.)


Pansies make me happy.

K took his scooter today. And when the phone rang a few minutes after he left, my heart just STOPPED. But it was Oldest asking if some rap star had been arrested. (Some rap stars live near us - that kind of thing can be very exciting here in town.)
It will take me a couple of weeks not to be nervous when the phone rings - I run at a pretty high anxiety level to begin with.
And I'll probably bring the telephone with me to the bathroom for a while too.


Lavender. Also beloved. Also doomed in my yard.

Middle leaves town tomorrow for a couple of days of school band performances in a neighboring province. This will require the ironing of his black dress shirts and the packing of a suitcase.

grape hyacinth

My grape hyacinth are half this size.

I'm doing a bunch of housework today. I find that works pretty well at alleviating free floating anxiety - that and online shopping.
The laundry awaits.


Badger said…
I have a horrible speaking voice. And in person, I am OLD.

But that's not why I'm not going to BlogHer.

K needs a nice soft man-purse.
blackbird said…
...and with that soft man-purse they'd give him A DIFFERENT WIFE, RIGHT?
jenny said…
he could always wear his wallet on a chain. oh, wait...it's still kept in the pocket just less loseable - right?

a fanny pack. He should wear a fanny pack.
Anonymous said…
The only thing I was disappointed about after our morning coffee was that we didn't live closer. But I do agree about the pre-meeting stress. Now, avert your eyes, BB.
(All of you who are wondering? She's as delightful in person as she is here. Charming and funny.)
teaorwine said…
Love the flora photos! I saw that scotch moss at the nursery and am wondering how it looks when planted. ??
MsCellania said…
Your yard? The SHADY yard?
Those plants which are going toes up in your yard? Are SUN LOVERS.
Think Hostas.
New Guinea Impatiens.
Plants that thrive in the shade.
And Lady Luck with Plants - she will be yours!
You don't have to out yourself at Blogher -
I'm pretty sure people will respect your desire for privacy and not post photos of your lovely self.
K needs a Man Bag for a couple of weeks to protect his freshly sanded knuckles.
It is sweet that you are concerned a bit about your attire, though. I 'dressed up' to go to a volunteer breakfast today, and you are probably better dressed than me in your housework attire!
Mig said…
I would love to meet you and I do not think you are boring at all.

You take absolutely beautiful pictures.

I should probably end here before I gush about how I find your life so interesting.

Anonymous said…
Thanks for the spring plant pics.
blackbird said…
Two new readers!
Annagrace said…
I'm so very sorry that K got hurt and so very glad that he managed to stay in one piece (mostly). Pea also had a run in with concrete this week...maybe it's lunar.

I'm sure you are quite lovely in person, but I too am best friends with anxiety, especially with "new peoples".
Unknown said…
If you're liking the scotch moss, move to Seattle where it grows for free in your yard and garden and roof and everywhere, whether you want it to or not.

I wish I could go to BlogHer to meet you and Poppy and so many of the other bloggers I love to read. I get shy around the new peoples, too, especially when our lives off-line seem so different.

I am somewhat reclusive to begin with, despite the laughably long comments I occasionally leave. I really owe Badger and Joke an apology for going on and on and on so recently.

It's just a sign of my admiration and interest, I guess!
Alice said…
The plants are pretty.
Your voice is lovely.
When can we hang out? Cause we aren't just going to meet up, we will HANG OUT.

Fanny pack = great idea. Must be from a thrift shop all 80's style.
Unknown said…
You're watering to much. Both Rosemary and Lavender like their feet to dry out before being watered. Rosemary is MUCH easier to grow in a large clay pot, which controls the water. And both need FULL SUN. So if you're trying in a partial sun or shady spot, you're never gonna get them to grow. Lavender also grows well in pots. If you have an old red wagon, like most moms do, put the pots in the wagon and wheel it around from front to back whereever there is sun. With 6 to 8 hours of sun, and watering every other day, the plants will be big and bushy in no time.

As for Blogher, I can't go someplace where I know I'm going to be the oldest by at least 20 years, and there isn't really any handicapped access, as the convention isn't at the hotel, so it's not even plausable. I don't know why they planned it like that, with the only maybe possible across the street hotel being the most expensive and not really as convenient as claimed. When I did due diligence I realized that I couldn't do it without a wheelchair, and I just won't go to a conference in a chair. I don't use mine much at all, and I'd be mortified to be in a chair for the conference. Besides, who would push me around? :-)
Unknown said…
Also, maybe if you tried the Spanish lavender rather than the French or English.

I had French in the NE corner and English in the SE corner of the backyard and Spanish in both the front and back. The English gave up the ghost first, the dog had it in for the French for some reason, but the Spanish has flourished in sun, shade, wherever I've planted it.

Maybe you'd have better luck changing varieties.
Anonymous said…
I adored you the first time I read your blog as I did even more so when I met you...
Blogher will be a HIT for you, I am positive.
You are everythign and beyond what you can appear to be on your blog.
If I lived over there, I'd go to even if I don't have a blog!
Hope K feels better adn I happy he got on the scooter right away.
Sorry for the knuckles though...
BabelBabe said…
K should NOT get a manpurse or a fanny pack. His knuckles will be fine in a week.

and those grape hyacinths are freakishly large.
MizMell said…
I kill Rosemary too.

I do much better with oregano and thyme and basil... all of which offer the most wonderful scents, too. I sometimes just run my fingers through the leaves to stir up the smell.

And to housework--hate it but realize it is the best way to keep the mind busy and out of trouble.

Great photos!
Suse said…
You need to move continents. You can't kill rosemary here. You can even take cuttings and plant them around your garden in NEW places, as I did on Monday.

Meeting bloggers is scary. I am always searching their eyes for that unmistakeable look that says "Oh. You're small, grey and disappointing."
Anonymous said…
ooooo one of my favourite students Sir Billy (think the little brother on ugly Betty...seriously...but Italian) is on his way to Maryland for some chorus thingie. It was all he could talk about in class last night, well that and asking me if he thought they made human sized muzzles for the most talkative girl in the class. i do wonder if it could be the same event...