watching last week's Survivor

Yau gives Dreamz the TRUCK?
And sends HIMSELF to Exile Island!

what an episode.


Badger said…

And then they tried to vote off Yau! But Stacy went home instead! Awesome!

It's about damn time you watched that episode. I've been DYING ovah heah.
RW said…
I was very happy that Yau read the signals correctly.
Anonymous said…
So, was I right or WHAT?!!
Paula said…
I'm so confused...I'm glad you mentioned Survivor in the title; otherwise I would have thought you were speaking in tongues.

Some day I shall have to watch an episode to see what all the hoopla is about.
Cheat to Win said…
I hate, HATE that Dalton Ross and those tools over at EW have been slamming this season so much. I thought it was AMAZING!

And I'm so stoked that you got around to watching. Wait until the finale, it's gonna SLAM YOU.